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 Dallas, Texas
Sunday, February 7, 2011-2: 08 AM ET

Dallas.... The Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl, 31-25, to win their 13th. N. F. L. championship and their first in 14 years.
The Steelers played extremely sloppy football, and they turned the ball over three times which resulted in three Packer scores.  Big Ben Roethlisberger looked out of sync most of the game with his very high and overthrown passes all game long. On two separate occasions Roethlisberger over threw the streaking Wallace who had beaten his man and Roethlisberger missed open receivers all game long.
 Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers put on great imitation of John Elway has he hit his receivers with laser like passes in stride all game long, and the Packer defense proved that you can't win games with stats. On Sunday February 6, 2011 against the Steelers the Packer defense proved that they were better coached, prepared and they executed their defensive game plan flawlessly. Even when their great corner back the former Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson went down the Packers didn't loose a beat with his replacement who intercepted one of Roelisthberger's passes.
The Steelers big play makers the All World Troy Palamalu, and Mr. Harrison were absent all game long and they never rose to occasion to make one big play. Is Palamalu overrated? Well he's not in the class of a "Ronnie Lot, Rod Woodson, or Ed Reed. Cream rises to the top, and the NFL's MVP on defense Palamalu cost the Steelers two touchdowns by biting on one play and just simply loosing site of the coverage on another key Green Bay touchdown.
Green Bay was the better prepared team, and I knew as I predicted on January 23rd that Mendenhall would make a key fumble in a game which would be very costly for the Black and Gold. Mendenhall should have been hitting the whole with his head down lower, but he was running with his head straight up like frighten rooster. Thus Mendenhall again showed that he has the disease of fumbleitis. Mendenhall's fumble shifted the entire momentum back to the Pack.
When will the Steelers draft or acquire some tough running backs and defensive linemen from the SEC?
The Steelers had too many costly mental mistake penalties which cost them key field position.
All the so-called football pundits and experts on the NFL Channel, Fox Sports News, and ESPN kept saying that the Packers would win this Super Bowl match-up against the Steelers. The old reliable number 12 Terry Bradshaw stuck with his home boys, and predicted that the Steelers would win against the Pack. But I think Bradshaw's analysis of the Steelers winning was based solely upon loyalty, and not on sound football judgement. I think the Steele rs partied too much in Dallas while McCarthy's Packers were the more serious team, and their experience at wide receiver was telling. The Packer wide receivers and tight ends were simply too fast and better football players than anyone in the Steelers secondary.  The Steelers Gay should be cut out right for his horrible play in the secondary, and none of the members of the Steelers secondary deserve to be paid. All the members of the Steelers secondary need to give their checks to Gwen's Kids or the National Negro College Fund.
Hines Ward and James Farrior played well but they must accept the fact that this may have been their last run at a Super Bowl title. Both Ward and Farrior have had borderline Hall-Of-Fame careers.
 I knew the Steelers were going to loose when the over the hill wide receiver Randle El made a catch, and went through some theatrics as though they had  won the game.  There is nothing wrong with showing true passion, and intensity but Randle El's celebration was way over the top given the fact that Steelers were still trailing in the ball game.
The great Jimmy Brown who was more militant than any of today's ball players has often said look and perform like you been there before relative to making touchdowns and great plays. 
I recall in one game that Jimmy Brown was playing against the New York Giants in which the great Sam Huff had just stopped Brown after Brown had gained five yards, and Huff started talking trash to Brown when he was down on the ground. The great Brown got up very slowly, and on the next play Jimmy Brown ran off tackle for a 45 yard touchdown, and while exiting the end zone Brown said to Huff  " Hey Huff you can have the ball." 
I remember Brown playing in another game against the Cowboys and Hall-of Famer Bob Lilly may have hollered an unkind racial remark, and Jimmy Brown picked ( Jacked-Up) Lilly up on the field and body slammed him to the ground, and on the next play big Jim ran for a touchdown.
I remember the great Hall-of Famer Paul Warfield, who I consider the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game routinely made catches like Randall El with one hand often without any fanfare. I know Jerry Rice has the stats and Super Bowl rings, but the Ohio State super quiet Warfield in my opinion was the better wide receiver.  When Warfield first came up to the Browns the Browns were a simply a running team with Jimmy Brown, and the great Ernie Green, Charlie Scales and the great Hall-of Famer Leroy Kelly at RB.
Therefore Warfield never got as many as chances as Rice who played primary in the pass happy West Coast Offense of Walsh, and his predecessor coach Seifert.
Even when Warfield was with the hard running Dolphins of Czonka, Kick and Mercury Morris, Warfield didn't get the ball thrown to him very often. The Dolphins were a run first team, and they only passed the ball as an after thought to break up the concentration that defenses would exhibit trying to stop the Czonka, Kick, and Morris.
 In 1963 I attended a game in Buckeye Stadium in Columbus Ohio, and watched Warren Ohio's native son Paul Warfield play dominating superior play at three different positions for the great Wood Hayes as the Buckeyes rolled over the hapless Indiana Hoosier's. If Paul Warfield played in Bill Walsh's West Coast Offense he would have caught 130 passes a  season along with all the touchdowns, and he was much faster than Rice, and he had better hands than Jerry.
 Ask Bob Greise who was the best route receiver in pro-football history.
Warfield is probably the greatest athlete to come out of Warren G. Harding High School in Warren Ohio, and  during Warfield's era every scholastic prep star football player in the greater Warren area wanted to play for Woody Hayes at Ohio State or the Browns of Paul Brown or his disciple Blanton Collier.

Only one of the Packers receivers ( Jennings) displayed a weak celebration on one play after having caught a pass against the Steelers cushioned vanilla fudge secondary.
If and when the boys from the Steel City ever make it back to the Super Bowl under coach Mike Tomlin they will need to bring a Sparta mindset to that game, and football championships are won in the hot torrid dreary days in July and August. I have been saying all along that Tomlin's training camp was too soft and lackadaisical. The Steelers two minute drill with 1:57 left in the game revealed how terribly coached they were as they looked completely in disarray.
Big Ben has had marginal performances in two out of his three Super Bowl performances.
I watched the Bengals win the game of the stats against the 49ers in the Super Bowl 23, but the fearless warrior Joe Montana led his team to victory with  35 seconds left to go in the game when Montana hit John Taylor with a touchdown strike to win the game. And I witnessed the other master John Elway lead his team to so many come from behind wins that John could run the two minute offense with his eyes closed. Ask the old Cleveland Browns how good John Elway was of running the two minute offense.
I really don't care about how many stats or numbers Tom Brady or Peyton Manning have. John Elway, and Joe Montana were truly the greatest talents to ever play the Quarterback position to date. Case closed.
Yes I know that the Redskins Doug Williams had the best one quarter performance in Super Bowl history, and given the right playing circumstances Doug may have been in the disussion with Montana  and Elway.

The Steelers thought they could just walk out on the field and win the game. And they also bought into all of the hype in Pittsburgh about allegedly how great they were. The Steelers left there heart on Heinz Field in that fluke game against the Jets.
It might be a long time in the future before the Steelers ever make it back to big dance.
Look for a Rodgers and Brady match-up in next years Super Bowl.
This kid Rodgers could lead the young Pack back to many Super Bowls in the future.
Brett who?
* Note the Green Bay offensive line had been together for the entire season and the Green Bay defense proved that they were more formidable in their match-up with the Steelers.
Congratulations Packers, The Pack is Back

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