Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Edie Naveh, Director Of The United Jewish Federation Of Pittsburgh Sent A Letter To John J Craig, Jr. Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Ronald B. Saunders Project
The Saunders Family Archives
February, 2, 2011
Wounded Knee, South Dakota

January 20, 1994

  Mr. John J. Craig, Jr.
  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
 50 Boulevard of the Allies
 Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

Dear Mr. Craig:

I want to congratulate you on the excellent article by Jean Bryant in the Post-Gazette, January 16, 1994, about Ron Saunders, Shuman Center worker, civil rights activist, a man of many talents, dedication and interests.

However, I was disappointed the writer did not include Mr. Saunder's long time association and membership in the Community Relations Committee's Black/Jewish Dialogue of the United Jewish Federation.

The Black/Jewish Dialogue is an opportunity for African-Americans and Jews in Pittsburgh to get together on a regular basis to discuss issues of concern facing their respective communities and to work together toward common goals. Too often we hear in the media of the difficulty different ethnic groups have in communicating, of tensions between blacks and Jews. However, Mr. Saunders' commitment to the Dialogue, to bettering inter group relations, to the idea of coalition building presents a positive, creative and productive role model which must be recognized, praised, and emulated in the community.


Edie Naveh


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