Sunday, January 23, 2011


January 23, 2011

 If the Pittsburgh Steelers can't control the line of scrimmage with their make shift offensive line and keep the pesky Jets off of Big Ben Roethlisberger it will be a very long day for the men of steel. Roethlisberger holds the ball too long and that could be the Steelers down fall.
All football games are won with the play of the lines on both sides of the ball and if the Steelers don't bring their A+ Special team crew to this Championship game the boys from New York might be going to Dallas.
Look for James Fairror to have one of his best games of his stellar career and Heath Miller's passing catching ability could be the key to the Steelers winning this championship.
The Jets Revis will be playing in front of his homies so look for him to have a break out game against the Burg.
The temperature around game time will be hovering around 15 degrees with a minus 2 wind chill factor which could be mean the team with the most accurate clutch field goal kicker and field position could decide this match-up.

 I think by far the Jets have a better running attack with LT, and Shonn Green and their Offensive line is one of the best in pro-football. Green is a more swift  harder RB than any Steeler running back, and he's from the Big Ten. 
The Steelers faithful better pray that Rashard " Doesn't run too hard" Mendenhall doesn't fumble the ball in key situations.

The team that wants this game the most and who plays error less ball will go the Super Bowl in two weeks. The Steelers have some of the most dedicated loyal fans in football so look for the Steele rs to have an advantage.
Pittsburgh fans are a little more hyper in their enthusiasm for their sports teams than those folks in Nap Town and Foxboro.
 The vastly overweight Coach Ryan is a " MISTER RUBBER NECK JONES" and hopefully the Steelers can send him all the way back to New York with a big fat lost.
What Pittsburgh team will show up? What Jet team will show up?

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