Monday, January 3, 2011

Older Drivers Can Be A Road Hazard: All States Need To Pass Comprehensive Mandatory Driver's Tests For Senior Citizens

January 3, 201

FRYEBURG..(BBNS) All states in the United States of America need to pass legislation that would require all drivers over the age of 65 to take and pass a mandatory comprehensive driver's test, vision test, and a physical road test ( behind the wheel exams) every three years.
It is a known fact that fatality rates for driver's begin to climb after age 65, according to a 2007 study by the world famous Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, based upon data from 1999-2004. From ages 75 to 84, the rate of about three deaths per 100 million miles driven is equal to the death rate of teenage drivers. For drivers 85 and older, the fatality rate skyrockets to nearly four times higher than that for teens.
 The elderly population is booming beyond all leaps and bounds and the U.S. Census Bureau projects there will be 9.6 million people 85 and over by 2030, up 73% from today. Road safety experts predict that by 2030, when all baby boomers are at least 65, they will be responsible for 25% of all fatal crashes.
"AARP Jump On Board"
Statistics from the National Highway Safety Administration have revealed that drivers 65 and over have higher crash rates than younger drivers, and it would be an appropriate safety measure to test all drivers 65 and over in all of the previous mentioned categories.
Its true that drivers 65 and over are being singled out, but it is in their best interest relative to their health, safety and welfare in calling for mandatory comprehensive drivers testing.
Further it is a proven fact that senior drivers have a significant decline in their physical and mental abilities behind the wheel at the age of 63.
Even the American Medical Association stated in a 1995 study that senior drive should be required to appear at mandatory motor vehicle departments to renew their drivers license.
 I am highly recommending that the AARP advocate and support legislation in all of the states that calls for the comprehensive drivers testing of all seniors behind the wheel with bona-fide drivers tests, road tests, vision tests which will improve the safety of its members, other seniors and all drivers.
"AARP quit playing politics with our seniors lives"
This is not the time for the AARP too be playing politics with the lives of any American citizen particularly with our senior population who is the most at risk in the instant case.
" Quite frankly I'm tired of ducking and dodging these senior drivers on the roads."
We need State Legislators to finally act and behave like Representatives of the people and "Take the Bull by the Horns" and stand-up for all drivers by sponsoring and passing this much needed legislation in the area of mandatory testing of all drivers over 65 that would include comprehensive road test, drivers test, and vision tests every three years.

*Let's make all of our roads safer for all drivers by passing this much needed legislation in the various state capitals

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