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ANGRY DAWG NATION: Richt Has Too Go As UCF Wins First Bowl Game Over The Once Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 10-6

WAYCROSS, GEORGIA                                                                              JANUARY 1, 2011
Liberty Bowl Parade

MEMPHIS,  Tenn. ( BBNS)- Its a very sad day in the Dawg Nation as the once mighty University of Georgia Bulldogs loose to the University of Central Florida 10-6 in the Liberty Bowl, which capped UCF's best season in school history.
UCF beat Georgia in every phase of the game especially in the trenches of the line play on both sides of the ball where football games are won and lost.
UCF was better prepared and they put forth the far better effort coupled with relentless intensity.
 Richt DAWGS had the ball on the UCF 3 yard line with fourth and 1 and Ricth made an irresponsible decision to kick a field goal instead going for the first down or a touchdown. That poor decision by head coach Ricth probably cost the Dogs the game and it should cause Richt to loose his job at UGA
Richt has been supposedly developing, coaching and training the Georgia linemen and backs since last August. But Richt did not have enough confidence in his offensive linemen or backs to get 1 yard at the UCF 3 yard line is stunning and bordering on the absurd. Richts unintelligent action of not going for the 1 yard should result in his dismissal as head coach.
This is the first losing season for Georgia since going 5-6 in 1996, when the great Hines Ward was playing for the DAWGS.
I am fully aware of the fact that coach Richt has many supporters at the University of Georgia, and I personally think Richt is a decent person. But the bottom line is winning the Big games, and getting the Dawgs into a BCS Bowl game each year.
I could stomach the lost to the backward West Virginia Mountaineers led by Pat White several yeas ago in a bowl game, but loosing to a team that plays in a stadium that seats 45,000 (UCF) is an out rigth embarrassment and insult. 
How can I convince young prep stars all over the country to come to the University of Georgia when Mark Richt is still in charge at UGA?
Some of the top prep stars in the state of Georgia are leaving to play out of state and that should never happen in any case.
Since Richt has been the head coach at UGA they have had enough talent to win a couple of National titles but under Richt the Dawgs have been less than stellar. Former Dawgs dot the rosters of all NFL teams, which is great tribute to coach Richt and staff. Two years ago the Dawgs were the pre-season number one team in the nation but numerous off the field problems and injuries prevented the Dawgs from a making a real run on the bogus National title.
  However coach Richt should not be rewarded for mediocrity.
President of the University of Georgia Dr. Michael Adams you cannot afford to let personal affection for Richt stand in your way in making a painful decision to discharge Richt from his position as head coach of the famous Georgia Bull Dogs. It is in the interest of UGA to fire Richt or hire another top flight coach in waiting to take over next year from Ric ht. Dr Adams no one person is bigger than the University of Georgia, and Presidents of Universities always have to make tough personnel decisions. Decisions to hire and fire  personnel must be based on sound data and Mark Richt's report card has shown a significant lack of progress therefore it is the judgment of the Black Buzz Sports News Service that coach Richt be relieved of his duties.

Please read and review December 8, 2010 article titled  "This Dawg Barks And Bites: The Dawgs Meet UCF IN THE OBSCURE Liberty Bowl
*The author notes the Dawgs were not barking or biting in the game against UCF.


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