Tuesday, January 18, 2011

America Has Always Been a Violent Society Since Its Inception: Part II

College Park, Maryland
January 18, 2011

College Park-BBNS..Prince Georges County Maryland, just had 13 killings in 14 days and the weapons of choice were firearms. Unfortunately murders are a common occurrence throughout the USA.
The United States has been averaging 19,000 murders per year for the last three decades.
The Federal Bureau Of Investigation just reported this afternoon in Spokane Washington that they found a real live pipe bomb in a backpack on the MLK parade route which could have done serious damage to the participants in the parade.
4girls.jpg (39435 bytes)
What kind of a person would plant a bomb to kill another human being other than a mentally ill psycho terrorist, or a out of sync pathological bigot?
Remember the four little Black girls who were brutally murdered in the 16th. Street Baptist church bombing on September 15, 1963 in Birmingham Alabama. 
At a time when the United States is placing so much emphasis on fighting foreign extremist's the real threat can be found in the organized hate groups 
 ( Home Grown) and their many fellow travelers within the borders of the 50 states. These are the same group of people that holler that "they want their country back." "And they are prepared to use violence as a means to prove their point."
Remember the Sand Creek, and Wounded Knee massacres were Native American women and children were slaughtered and murdered like cattle, and now the revisionist historians have the gall and nerve to call those horrible massacres battles.

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