Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Frank Loose The Big One Beamer Goes Down To Defeat To The Stanford Cardinals 40-12: Stanford Pushed The Overmatched Hokies Around Like They Owned Them

January 4, 2011

NEGROTOWN KNOLL.....(BBSNS) Again a Frank Beamer coached team the ( Hokies) get's kicked from one end of the Orange Bowl to the next end by an upstart better prepared Stanford Cardinals.
 The Hokies led by head coach Beamer are 1-19 against top 5 teams and it definitely appears as though Boise State should have been selected to play in the historic Orange Bowl Classic in Miami.
 The Virginia Tech Hokies lacked intensity, effort, and they played like they were still on Christmas vacation. The Stanford Cardinals played better ball in all phases of the game.
Beamer can't win the big ball games which was even quite apparent even when he had the All World Michael Vick at the helm.
Andrew Luck looked very good in all phases of the game, and he executed the Cardinals game plan flawlessly. Even though Oliver Luck's son Andrew looked very polished, and prepared competing against the hapless Hokies he is no John Elway. 
I have been watching and studying college football since 1947, and John Elway is the best over all talent to ever play the position of quarterback in the college or in the professional ranks. Mr Elway is a special, and unique talent that comes around once in a lifetime, and you have to forget about the number of  wins and losses in the Super Bowls.
I can say that Elway was the best prepared player to play QB coming into the collegiate ranks which was obviously because of his father ( Jack's) great teaching and instructions.
The main responsibility of a coach is too teach, instruct, motivate, and inspire and John Elway always had a leg up on all the competition.
If John Elway would been the engineer ( QB) of those same San Francisco 49ers teams of Joe Montana, Elway would have won 7 Super Bowls.

Andrew Luck is a very good talent but the best QB in the Bowls this season maybe the transfer from Michigan, Ryan Mallett.
At 6'7' 238 pounds Ryan Mallet  right now is a more accurate passer, faster and stronger than the Pittsburgh Steelers Big Ben Roelisthburger, and he has played against better competition in the SEC than the over hyped Andrew Luck. Mallett set's up in the pocket slower than Luck, but his quick release is more reminiscent of legendary Dan Marino. Both Mallett and Luck have excellent footwork in setting up in the pocket, but I  think Mallett is the more accurate of the two in passing, reading defenses and going through his progressions.

If the Ohio State Buckeyes don't bring their A+ game tonight in the Sugar Bowl they will be going back to Columbus like the boys from Ann Arbor, and East Lansing Michigan and State College PA as losers. 
Didn't Wisconsin and Northwestern also loose?

*The Buckeyes T. Pryor was on fire in the first half as the men from Columbus won the battle in the trenches were football games are won and lost.
The Arkansas players don't appear too be to bright and intelligent dropping all of those key passes thrown by Ryan Mallett.

* Its still very unfortunate that we do not have a bona-fide College Playoff system in place presently in Division I-A because Alabama ( the tide) has been the best looking team in this season's bowl match-ups.
If the "Tide" were too play Stanford they would massacre them.

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