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Senseless Killings in Tucson: America Has Always Been a Violent Society Since Its Inception

JANUARY 14, 2011

The Thirteen Colonies and the United States of America were founded on the premise of violence with the brutal systematic campaign of genocide against the proud indigenous tribes that included the confiscation of their lands in concert with an equally abhorrent harsh barbaric Anglo/British institution of slavery.
      The American Revolution was not a bloodless event it was very violent.
America has in the past and continues to the present with its Roman (Nero)
mindset to be a country that glorifies violence which is depicted in every aspect of American life and culture.
Individual violence as well as government sponsored violence (unjustified wars)are part of America's fragile DNA coupled with a love for guns/firearms are evidence of a mentally disturbed society.
The United States of America has more firearms along with an enormous stockpile of WM D's than the rest of the world combined.  This unintelligent twisted distorted love for firearmsblind naked violence, thirst for power and control, is deeply embedded in the American psyche which goes much deeper than some out of sync psycho-terrorist.
One can purchase or obtain a firearm in the United States as easily as buying a pack of football cards or apple pie.
Many Americans are not even aware of the fact that they are addicted to guns,  violence and its by products which is part of their denial in a mentally and emotionally disturbed society.
We need to significantly increase the funding for all areas of mental health and to quadruple the training/hiring of highly trained mental health practitioners.
America "The Beautiful" will go into the annals of history as the most violent nation ever known to mankind.  I have been on the streets of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Rabat, Tangier, Tripoli, Casablanca, Frankfurt, Bonn, Aviano, Rome,Venice, Milan, Geneva, Stockholm, Zaragosa, Ottawa, Copenhagen, Toronto, Montreal, Tijuana, Laredo, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Oranjestad, Nassau and have found that the streets in those foreign cities are safer than all of the streets in the large and small cities of the good old USA.
The United States of America has had more political assassinations of its leaders and heinous civil rights killings and lynchings than any nation in the world in similar size and population.
Some revisionist historians will tell you that United States had to drop the A bomb on Japan which was the most devastating weapon at that time, killing hundreds of thousands of people and injuring millions, some of whom are still living with the scars and burns from the dreaded explosion.
The revisionist historians say a land invasion of Japan would have cost the United States hundreds of thousands of ground casualties in manpower. The Japanese on their own turf would have been difficult to beat but the U.S. would have prevailed because the Japanese Air Force was basically down and out. Thus the revisionist argue that President Truman calculated it was better to kill hundreds of thousands or perhaps a million of the enemy to save the lives of hundreds of thousands Americans, whom if lost, the American public could not stomach or tolerate.
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was one of the most violent acts in all of human history.
The European Settlers didn't have to kill all the Native Americans on the Southern and Northern plains.  They just simply killed and slaughtered 75 million buffalo or bison's thus destroying the Native indigenous tribes. The Plain tribes were totally dependent on the buffalo for their survival, but the Europeans didn't want to share the land in question.  They wanted it all. Those two acts, the bombing of the Japanese cities along with the destruction of the American bison show a mental disturbance in the dominant culture that has gone unchecked and untreated for well over 400 years.
The Southern States of America were so addicted to slavery that they waged an aggressive war of independence against the United States to maintain their way of life which resulted in the bloodiest conflict on American soil. A total of 620,00 soldiers died in that internal American conflict more commonly called the civil war. 360,00 Union soldiers died and 110,00 died in combat. 260,000 Confederate soldiers died and 93,000 died in combat.
Revisionist historians say the South succeeded because they were desirous of maintaining states rights and the issue of slavery was supposed to have been relegated to a position of secondary consideration. Let me be clear the landed aristocracy masquerading as Plantation owners in the South started the Civil War to protect their economic interest that being the free labor of those African slaves. The Plantation owners knew that without the exhaustive supply of free labor that their economy and way of life would cease to exist.
Poor whites in the south also benefited by the institution of slavery, and they knew their place in the pecking order and as long as slavery existed they had jobs. It was mostly the poor whites that fought on the side of the Confederate States of America who were led by many officers from the landed aristocracy.

All too often, we are what we have been carefully taught not to see! We have always been a country which has celebrated violence.

A true mark of civility in a given society cannot be measured by its military might, scientific and educational achievements, or industrial prowess but in how each one of its citizenry applies and practices the GOLDEN RULE which Americans come up significantly short on in upholding and practicing.

The great theologian, and warrior for justice, peace, freedom, fairness, liberation Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said in his famous New York Riverside Baptist church speech on April 4, 1967 titled "Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence" that the United States of America is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world."
The United States of America is still the most violent nation and society in the world who is in dire need of spiritual uplifting and a moral renaissance.

*When will Americans wake up and see the need for the teaching of mandatory Conflict Resolution/ Mediation courses in our nations schools in grades K-12 and on the collegiate level? Conflict Resolution/ Mediation courses should only be taught by personnel that is certified and highly qualified with a demonstrated track record of accomplishment in teaching these unique skills.

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willard h peschier said...

There is essentially nothing in this essay with which I would either disagree or take issue with. However, any notion that the US can in any significant way arrest its inherent tidal wave of murderous violence flies in the face of both history and common sense. The white american is steeped in murderous violence, trained in aggression,has an abiding love of hatred. His entire DNR seems programmed to ensure the greater glory of violence and aggression. Nothing short of crushing military and financial defeat could even begin tho initiate the cure for these defects.