Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Members of the Saunders Family Enjoying Precious Moments

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Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson Project
Saunders Robinson Family Archives
Pittsburgh, PA
May 27, 2014

                                              Friends through thick and thin 
Pictured above are the granddaughters of Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson and James S. Robinson, Jr. and the daughters of Thomas John Saunders, Jr.  On the left is Carmen Lisa. On the right is Wanda Lee Ann.

Pictured from left to right are:  Wanda, Wanda's son Jordan, Carmen Lisa's daughter, Delisa, Jonathan, and Carmen Lisa.  Picture was taken outside of Lisa's home located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.  Jonathan is the eldest grandson of Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson and is the son of Thomas John Saunders, Jr.

Pictured above are Thomas John Saunders, Jr, Carmen Lisa, Beatrice Saunders Robinson and Wanda Lee Ann in the family house in Slippery Rock, PA.
Pictured above are Thomas, Carmen Lisa, Wanda and Maxine Saunders.

Pictured above is Beatrice L. Saunders Robinson.

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