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The Battle of the Little Big Horn River

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James S. Robinson, Jr. Project
Robinson Saunders Family Archives
Pittsburgh, PA
May 31, 2014

   Poem by Ronald B. Saunders

                                        Crazy Horse Memorial
Mountain Goats often visit work areas on the mountain.  In the background is the left profile of the nine-story-high face of Crazy Horse seen as it neared completion in 1997.

James S. Robinson, Jr. is the father of Thomas J. Saunders, Jr. and Ronald B. Saunders.  Mr. Robinson was registered as a Dakota Sioux by Russell Simms, Executive Director of the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center, Inc.

 Touch The Clouds was a seven foot formidable warrior who fought beside his cousin, Chief Crazy Horse during the Sioux Wars.  Touch The Clouds was with Chief Crazy Horse at Camp Robinson when Crazy Horse was tricked and manipulated into coming into the Camp by the deceitful command of the US Occupation Forces.

Crazy Horse Memorial---Now in progress---open year round
Black Hills, South Dakota (U.S. Highway 16/385)

Pete Mitchell, a Ponca, represented his tribe at the 1898 Indian Congress,held in Omaha, Nebraska as part of the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition.  More than five hundred Native American from thirty-five tribes attended the conference.

                         Slow Bull an Oglala Sioux Warrior and Medicine Man 
At age 14, Slow Bull counted his first coup when he as a member of Red Cloud's band, he helped route a Crow war party.  Slow Bull participated in more than 50 battles and was recognized as one of the great Sioux warriors and medicine man.

Books that may be of interest on First American history and culture are as follows: 
Leadership Lessons Of Crazy Horse "The Power of Four" Know Yourself, Know Your Friends, Know The Enemy, Lead the Way by Joseph M. Marshall III 

Lakota Spirit, The Life Of Native American Jack Little 1920-1985 by Jack Little

Pine Ridge Reservation Yesterday and Today by Gregory Gagnon and Karen White Eyes

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