Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ronald Saunders, Chairman of the Board of the National Black Political Caucus, Sent More Than 60 Letters Around the United States to Alert Qualified Applicants to the Opening for the Job of Pittsburgh's Public Safety Director

Black Buzz News Service
Ronald B. Saunders Project
Ronald B. Saunders Archives and Private Collection of Papers
Pittsburgh, PA
May 11, 2014

Alphonso Jackson's candidacy was generated as a result of the 60 letters sent around the United States by Ronald B. Saunders.  Although Mr. Jackson was not hired for the Director of Public Safety position for the City of Pittsburgh, he was eventually appointed by President George W. Bush as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.  It was the position of the National Black Political Caucus that Alphonso Jackson was the superior candidate for the Director of Public Safety.  Mayor Caliguiri's selection, John Norton, who was hired for the position of Director had to resign in disgrace. 

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