Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Buckeyes Run Over The Hapless Nittany Lions 24- 7, Now Who's The Cry Baby, And Terrell Pryor Get's The Last Laugh


STATE COLLEGE PA. Ha! Ha ! Ha ! things are not to pleasant this evening in that God-forsaken placed called Unhappy Valley as Jeanette Pa's Terrell Pryor threw for two magnificent touchdowns and ran over a Penn State defender for another score . What a Homecoming for Terrell Pryor, and the other young man from Jeanette, Jordan Hall.
Going into this match up with Ohio State, I just knew that Penn State was the far superior team after beating perennial football powerhouses such as Akron University, Eastern Illinois University,Temple University,and the old Orangemen of Syracuse. I also knew that Penn State quarterback Mike Clark, always played his best football in the bigger games with lesser known opponents such as Ohio State, Iowa and USC.
But to his credit Terrell Pryor managed this game flawlessly and Iron Head Heyward's son Cameron, and his wrecking crew from Columbus beat the living day lights out of that over ranked Penn State offensive line. Its what's up front that counts and the Buckeyes won the battle in the trenches and on both sides of the ball. This old ball coach knew after that first Penn State offensive series that the boys from Columbus had this game in the bag.
And by the way , Mike Clark did not break the plane of the goal line for that bogus touchdown that was awarded to Penn State in the second quarter and without that questionable score the Nittany Lions would have been shut out in Unhappy Valley. A hundred and ten thousand cry babies watched their Loins get pummeled. The Pay Back Is A......
I have a question for all you fans out there in Unhappy Valley don't you think its about time that Jo Pa got on with his life's work ?
I'll bet anyone of you Country Bumpkins from Penn State that the Spartans from East Lansing, Michigan will slaughter your overrated Nittany Lions. Now smoke that in your pipe .
There's only one real Happy Valley in the USA,and that picturesque valley is located in the Old Dominion,its called the Shenandoah Valley. They even had a famous T.V.program named after the Shenandoah Valley, and what famous TV program has been named after that God Forsaken place called State College Pennsylvania ? Coal Miners Daughter ?

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