Tuesday, November 24, 2009


November 24,2009
Gettysburg, Pa.

President Barack Hussein Obama, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, had 580,000 troops on the ground in Viet Nam, and that wasn't enough, and we should not have been there in the first place. But the U.S. like all colonial( White Nations) couldn't stomach the terrible defeat that the great white nation of France had taken at Dien Bien Phu from the indigenous forces led by the Ho Chi Minh. France was in Vietnam because of its niggardly greed coupled with its white supremacist mentality which was designed to control the populace solely for the purpose exploiting the Natives resources such as tin and rubber, and Ho said hell no.
So the U.S. led by JFK, decided to take up the white nation of France's burden, and thus we had the U.S. continuing a pattern and practice of colonial aggression on the Countries in Asia. The Soviets did the same thing in Afghanistan, and throughout the old Iron Curtain belt.
Mr. Obama the local forces in Afghanistan nor Vietnam never carried their weight, and in all honesty they were, and are trained to follow U.S. forces, and they are incapable of thinking out their own actions. The Afghans are totally dependent on the USAF, Marines and Army. The Afghans will never get 580,000 troops to assist them from the U.S./NATO.
Six countries of NATO will pull out in 2011,including Canada.
The U.S. and allies will never defeat either of their foes in Iraq, or Afghanistan, because we simply to do not have enough military personnel to adequately to the job or complete the mission in those respective countries. Mr. Obama the best thing we can do in Afghanistan is a holding action with some kind of weak peace treaty, as we did in Viet Nam.
And we really need to stay out of the internal affairs of other countries except when there is a clear and present danger at stake to our internal and national security, and all this nation building non-sense to keep propped up the most corrupt Narco Government in Asia( Hamid Karzai) should cease.
President Obama any decision that you make relative to any U.S. additional troop deployment to your war in Afghanistan will be the wrong one. This is a no win situation for you Mr. President, and this is probably why it has taken you so long to make a decision that you know in your heart will be an error.
President Obama has a very difficult decision to make on committing further U.S.troops ,and how does Obama balance the political fall out of sending more troops with not totally complying with the requests of the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO,the jingoistic McCrystal.
Barack probably still wishes that he was still on the campaign trail rather than sitting in the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as President of the United States.. You have to be extremely mentally tough, and exceptionally bright to be President of the United States of America. Obama's predecessor George W. Bush raised the bar considerably, and I don't know if anyone will ever be able to reach said bar.

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