Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To All You Notre Dame Faithful Fans To Include The Corrupt Irish Nation,Pitt Will Win Saturday At Heinz Field 44-17

NOVEMBER 11,2009
Negrotown Knoll,Florida

Charlie Weis and the fighting Irish will need more than to shake out the thunder and lightning to win against the tough courageous Pitt Panthers, and there wont be to many Irish eyes smiling after Pitt gives the boys from Notre Dame an old fashion behind kicking.
Final Score Pitt 44- Notre Dame-17

* If Golden Tate catches over four passes against the Pitt Panthers, I will personally send a Shamrock to each member of the Irish Nation,and a fifth of Wild Irish Rose. When the Panthers get finished with Golden Tate,they will be calling him Have (Mercy) On Tate.

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