Tuesday, November 24, 2009

President Obama,The Soviets Left Over 500,000 Land Mines In Afghanistan: Who's Going To Clear Them ?

November 24,2009
Wounded Knee, South Dakota

As President Barack Obama ponders what decision he will make on sending additional U.S.troops to Afghanistan, I asked Mr. Obama who is going to clear the over 500,000 land mines, that were left by the Soviets,
and how many more Americans will die in the process of clearing those mines ? The Soviets said their Bear Bombers could hold 5,000 land mines per aircraft, and they flew over 100 missions in Afghanistan. The U.N. says over 30% of Afghanistan is covered my mines.(Obama's Afghan War)
Mr. President did your top/key adviser's tell you that the U.S. furnished the Afghans with stingers to shoot down the Soviets aircraft,and without those stingers the Afghans would still be fighting the bear ? Did your adviser's also tell you Mr. President that the Soviets killed over one million Afghans, but they still(Soviets) went back to the Soviet Union with their tales waggling from behind.
Filthy rich anti- American Saudies furnished the Taliban weapons,and provide logistical support in their past and present fighting. So Mr. President what are you doing about that Saudi financial support ?
Mr. Obama's future political career is tied to War in Afghanistan,and how well his misguided economic Stimulus works in Mid-America and throughout the United States.

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