Thursday, November 5, 2009

President Obama Skiped Town Yesterday To Avoid Answering The Media's Questions About His Party's Miserable Showing In The Governor's Races .

Thursday November o5,2009
College Park ,Maryland.

President Barack Hussein Obama had his aides schedule a travel date on November, 4th. so we wouldn't have to deal with the tough questions from Washington Press Corp, knowingly that his party was way behind in the polls in the Governor's races in both New Jersey, and in the Old Dominion.
Obama should have shown some semblance of leadership by postponing his meeting with a group of educators, and school kids in Madison Wisconsin, in order to meet with his fellow Democrats, on Capital Hill to reassure them that he has their back as they go forward continually battling for true Health Care Reform.
When ever the going gets tough Obama, runs, and hides just like he did on the Jeremiah Wright affair, and he only spoke on the subject begrudgingly after he was forced to so by pressure from the media, and the backstabbing Clinton camp.He left President Carter out to dry when Carter, correctly stated that most of the attacks on Obama where racially inspired. And I will never forget how Obama dissed Carter at Democratic National Convention, in 2008, because Obama is in the hip pocket of AIPAC.
The elections of Republican Governor's in New Jersey, and Virginia may not be a Referendum on Obama, but it should signal a clear red flag to all the Democrats that the Stimulus programs that were poorly crafted and full of pet pork regional projects for the gangster like members of Congress, are not working as fast as our "Harvard Wonder" child had predicted, and like it or not Mr. Obama , you are the leader of your party, and you need to show some leadership and quit acting like a "Wimp". I don't believe that Obama had a good grasp of the gravity of the economic problems of this country,which was evidence by his appointments of Clinton retreads/castoffs and Wall Street insiders like Geithner and Larry Sumner and a whole host of other incompetent appointments to his inept economic team.Americans have very little patience and they are looking for quick fixes to many of the systemic economic problems that were created over the last 12 years by the Clinton and Bush Administration and a runaway Congress. The Gubernatorial elections in Jersey, and Virginia were all about JOBS JOBS, but I am still perplexed and baffled by all those highly intelligent voters in Jersey, and Virginia who voted to put back into the office (power) the primary party that led the country into the worse financial crisis since the "Great Depression ".
The Democrats(Idiotcrats), or Republicans(Dumblicans), are not worth"A Tinkers Damn". When will the American people wake up and see the need for the development , Establishment of a viable well financed third and fourth political party that will challenge the stranglehold and monopoly of the corrupt Democratic and Republican parties ? I'm not talking about some dubious weak fake imitation of the Republican, or Democratic party, but truly a party that is representative of the people, by the people,and for the people.
The present day Democrats, and Republicans are for the rich , of the rich, and by the rich. Stevie Wonder can see that, so what's your problem Joe and Suzie Six pack ? Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are held accountable to the people that they supposedly serve and all the political surrogates from both parties broker the interest of the ruling elite well heeled powerful families and their Corporations and lobbyists in order to maintain the status quo.The American people are hooked and addicted to the Democratic and Republican parties but why must we continue with this blind addiction coupled with the gross mediocrity of both parties who don't serve the people in which these political (front) middlemen like John McCain and Obama and others of the same ilk totally hold their loyalties to their corporate sponsors rather than to the American public. We presently live in a de facto dictatorship disguised as a Constitutional Republic run by only two main political parties the Democrats, and Republicans, and we need a political revolution in our mindset to change this present dilemma. Thus we need to really "Take The Bull By The Horns as this is the part responsible for guidance."
"For a dog to be effective,he must not only have a bark but a bite."
Is our failure to recognize the need for a New Bull Moose Party or New Know Nothing Party mean that we are simply satisfied with the status quo or just to lazy to get up off our behinds and do something constructive about this horrific political cesspool that is present in the good old United States of America.

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