Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Steeler's Beat The Tame Broncos 28-10

NOVEMBER 10,2009
Slippery Rock, Pa.

The men from the town where they used to make plenty of Steel Pittsburgh,pummeled the Denver Broncos 28-10,and someone in Bronco land has to tell the members of their football team that you must play the game of football for four complete quarters. How can a team win a football game)Broncos) gaining 27 yards on the ground ?
The Steeler's will face much stiffer competition on November the 15th. against the born-again Cincinnati Bengals, and USC's Carson Palmer is playing the best football of his up and down professional career.
Who wants this game the most will be determined by the play of the offensive and defensive lines. Its what up front that counts, and football games are won in the pits , and trenches, and will the Super Bowl Champs(Steeler's) be up to the task after manhandling the timid Broncos ?
How will the Steeler's fair after their stellar Monday night performance against the boys from the Mile High City ?
And what about Hines Ward, hurdling over that other Georgia Bulldog, Champ Bailey, (Broncos) for a touchdown. In order for the Steeler's to beat the men from the Queen City, they better bring their A+ game and the upstart Bengals like the Steeler's are on a mission to get to playoffs and beyond. Man for man the Bengals probably have more talent than the Steeler's but talent and skill alone will not necessarily win football games.
I'm talking heart and true grit, and the Cincinnati Bengals still have to prove they have what it takes to win consistently key crucial conference games. Will Cedric Benson show up to play, and will Mendenhall keep the ball secured at all times ? Everyone knows that I am not to keen on Big Ten running backs, but the young Mendenhall is playing like the second coming of the last great Big Ten running back, Eddie George.

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