Monday, November 30, 2009

Party Crashers At Obama's First State Dinner

Black Buzz News
November 30,2009
Tyson's Corner, Virginia

How did the couple Michaele Salahi & her husband Tareq get into the first state dinner of the President of the United States of America when they were not invited or on an invitation list to get into said affair ?
This couple lied to get into the President Obama's first state dinner and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
It is also apparent that the White House Social Secretary Office's is the real culprit in the instant case and Desiree Rodgers should be fired if it can be proven that she is the one responsible for the miscue not the United States Secret Service. This whole administration appears to be amateurish in everything they say and do. Perhaps in retrospect old Dick Cheney knew something about the Obama administration that could be basically true relative to our Domestic and National Security Operations under the Obama regime have rendered our own treasured White House vulnerable to an attack by party crashers.
Perhaps the United States Congress can get to the bottom of this gross breach and lack of security at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
I have never heard of such an overt invasion of the White House in the last 135 years.

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