Monday, November 23, 2009

President Obama's Trip To China Was A Complete Failure

November 23,2009
Durham, North Carolina

Other than getting a free sightseeing tour costing the American taxpayers hundreds of Million dollars, what did President Obama accomplish going to China ?
Barack Obama can take pride in the fact that he is the most traveled President in American history, for his first eleven months in office.
But what has Obama done for the people on Main Street, or in the heartland of Appalachia, or in our rotten decayed inner cities, which in most cases resemble bombed out war torn battle zones ?
One has to wonder why this so-called Ivy League graduate didn't have enough political smarts to convene a comprehensive type of real Job summit before he, and his duplicitous colleagues in both parties enacted that farce called the Economic Stimulus Package.
What he really needs to do is purge his administration of all those inept folks from Chicago, and the Ivy League schools, particularly Harvard, and Yale, and bring bring in some real politically savvy and bright people from the University of Virginia, Duke, Harvey Mudd, Rice, Washington University in St. Louis, and Stanford.
Geithner, and Sumner must go with all those other incompetent Clinton retreads and castoffs. And how did going to China, help with our sky high unemployment rate, and with the creation of good paying American jobs ?


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