Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Dick Cheney & MSNBC'S Resident Racist Pat Buchanan:Black Hero at Bunker Hill

NOVEMBER 18,2009

Black Hero at Bunker Hill
For exceptional bravery shown by Salem Poor in the fighting at Breed's and at Bunker Hill,the following petition was presented to the Massachusetts General Court and signed by 14 patriot officers :
A Negro called SALEM POOR,of Colonel Frye's Regiment,Captain Ames' Company,in the late Battle at Charlestown,behaved like an experienced officer,as well as an excellent soldier.
It would be tedious to go into detail concerning his conduct.We only beg leave to say,in the person of this said negro centers a BRAVE and GALLANT soldier.The reward due to so great and distinguished a character,we submit to Congress ^ 5 December 1775
Ed. note : Salem Poor is presently enduring a rugged winter with patriot forces at Valley Forge,Pennsylvania.

To the Sunshine Patriot Dick Cheney, what did you do when a countless number of men risked there lives fighting for their country in Vietnam ?
To Pat, the hard nose bigot Buchanan, you have had over three hundred fifty years of preferential affirmative action called White skin privilege, and your ancestors walked into the land of "Milk and Honey" which was already built upon the blood,sweat and tears of Africans living in America,coupled with the brutal hijacking and theft of Native lands.
Mr. Buchanan, it is equally true that no people have ever won as much as Americans of European extraction in their annihilation of the indigenous Native tribes, and the enslavement of the Black Africans who built the USA. Pat,your prize : The second richest continent on Earth, and all the FREE LABOR that could be ferried across the Atlantic and all the FREE STOLEN land from Greenland to Argentina. Thus Pat, people like you got the prize of writing the history of this fraudulent hypocritical grand conquest of other human beings masked as Manifest Destiny-God's Will.
Indeed Pat, history is always written by the victors, and heeled by the vanquished. Pat every racist, and bigot has the potential of becoming a human being, and you ,and others of the same ilk need to review and have a critical critique of the movie titled "Little Big Man". Pat you behave just like the savage in the movie "Little Big Man".

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