Friday, November 20, 2009

University Of Georgia Bulldog Mascot,Uga Vll Dies : Uga VII Is The Country's Number One Mascot,Who Has Been On The Cover Of Newsweek , andTime.

Bulldog Nation,USA.

The entire Bulldog Nation mourns the lost of Uga VII,and it is my hope that the Dawgs will dedicate the remainder of the football season to Uga VII,the bright,intelligent and well behaved white English bulldog mascot.
Uga VII is the country's most famous mascot who has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated,Newsweek, and Time magazine.
According to Greg Bluestein of the AP--Uga VII, the white English bulldog for the University of Georgia's football team for almost two seasons,died Thursday November 19, of heart related causes,the dog's owner said.
Bluestein further reports that the 56-pound,nicknamed "Loran's Best " was known as a laid-back mascot who seemed oblivious to crowd noise during boisterous games and would sit patiently as excited fans snapped photos of him.Bluestein says Uga VII very often roamed the sidelines in a shirt with a 'G' stitched on it,sometimes resting on a bag of ice to cool off in his customized dog house.
Unfortunately, Bluestein stated that UGA said there would be no mascot at Saturday's game in Athens against Southeastern Conference rival Kentucky,but that a wreath will be laid on his doghouse on the field's sidelines.Sonny Seiler,the dog's owner,said he likely wouldn't name a replacement until next year. "We are in a state of shock," Seiler said in a News Release issued by UGA. "We had no warning whatsoever.
The 4-year old dog made his debut as the mascot in August 2008 after his father, Uga VI died of congestive heart failure. He had big paws to fill-Uga VI was the school's winningest mascot,racking up a 87-27 record,seven wins in nine bowl appearances and a pair of Southeastern Conferences championships. But Seiler said the dog distinguished himself in his own way.
Our hearts and prayers are with Uga VII, and his family, and the entire Bulldog Nation. It is my hope that the next Uga VIII will lead the Dawgs to a National Championship or Championships in the coming years.
In honor of Uga VII, the Dawgs will trounce the heavily favored Wreck from Georgia Tech. Ealey will have his break out game against that other team in Georgia,the Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech.


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