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Rocky Mount,North Carolina

* A new study from Yale University has found that cereals heavily marketed to children have 85% more sugar,65% less fiber and 60% more sodium than those aimed at adults.
* They also found that children that consumed higher sugar cereals more likely to consume higher volumes of cereal than those that consume lower sugar cereals.
*Among the worst: Reese's Puffs, Corn Pops, Lucky Charms,Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cap'n Crunch, Trix, Fruit Loops,Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles,and Cookie Crisp.
* Among the best: Kashi 7 Whole Grains Puffs and GoLean, Post Shredded Wheat Original and Wheat N' Bran, Kellogg's Mini Wheat's,and General Mills Fiber One.
*So what can you do ? Instead of feeding your child sweet,fruity cereals,try giving them a lower sugar cereal ( like the ones listed above )topped with fresh fruit and,if necessary,a very small sprinkling of sugar.

My late Mother always said in order to be the best athlete in any sport that one had to eat better quality healthy foods than your opponents, train harder and practice like there's no tomorrow and good things will happen on the track, field , court , and in the pool. One must eat like a champion,think like a winner or champion, train hard like a champion, practice like a champion, act like a winner on and off the field, and foremost play and perform like a winner/champion at all times.

Blogger Black buzz used the following menu prepared by his mother in training for Swimming,Football,Soccer,Basketball, Track and Baseball.
BREAKFAST : Pineapple, or Orange juice,large glass,preferably fresh;
Cup/Bowl of natural Wheat Germ cereal, with Goat's milk,
Poached egg on whole wheat toast,and fresh home made
Yogurt was eaten at every meal mixed with Black Strap Molasses.
Cantaloupe sprinkled with Paul Bragg wheat germ, and
honey. My mother purchased a whole host of Bragg Health
Food products from Bakersfield, California.
1 vitamin A &D capsule, 1 vitamin E capsule (30 milligrams
and 2 mineral tablets containing calcium,phosphorus and
a trace of iodine. Raw sea weed was always present along
with kelp. We used Kelp most of the time in place of the
salt. When I broke the record in the 100 yard dash in the
State of Maine in 1962 I was drinking a half cup of liquid
wheat germ oil a day. My mother purchased this wheat germ
from the Lackzoom store, located in downtown Pittsbrugh Pa, and we also purchased our specially cured beef bacon from the
the Cutaway Market in Butler, Pa.
I hated eating those one minute eggs over that wheat toast ,but it
was good for your body.
LUNCH:Grilled cheese sandwich on wheat germ bread
One glass of yogurt or buttermilk, fresh salad along with fresh fruit
DINNER: Grapefruit and Avocado salad with fortified lemon oil dressing
Broiled Steaks with parsley and wheat germ, Fortified Potatoes
Fresh String Beans with natural herbs, Yogurt sprinkled with
honey and grated orange rind. Glass of goat's milk with it drink
down 2 calcium tablets.
Note My Mother made fresh Vegetable juices( Carrot,Spinach) and all types Veggie juices with her Juicex Juicer each day, and we were required to drink said juice drinks. The carrot juice was very sweet and delicious and the Spinach juice was also quite tasty, and the other veggie juices we learned to appreciate for their outstanding nutritional value.
BREAKFAST: Apple juice, large glass,
Hot cakes with unbleached flour fortified with powered
milk and wheat germ and served with honey,glass of
Goat's milk. I also hated that Goat's milk, but my Mom said
it was better for you than old Cow's milk.. My same vitamin
mineral ritual as the day before.
LUNCH: Tossed fresh salad,fresh fruit bowl, fresh fish, Trout,Bass Pike
Baked and Rye bread toast

DINNER: Salad bowl/Home made Vegetable soup ,with naturally cured Black Angus beef. Broiled calves liver,fresh peas with herbs, Parsley ed
potatoes/red, Homemade Custard fortified with powdered milk,served with honeyed fruit. A cup or glass of homemade Vegetable juice. The best
homemade yogurt in the country was consumed on a daily basis. We drank more yogurt than that horribly tasting Goat's milk ,but again I repeat the Goat's milk is far more nutritional than regular cow's milk.

BREAKFAST: Sliced bananas sprinkled with honey, wheat germ, and served with Goat's milk. Easy scrambled eggs with beef bacon, Wheat
Germ muffins with honey. Fresh yogurt and my vitamin/mineral Ritual
LUNCH :Cold cuts (lean ),Salad of Tomatoes,cucumbers,and celery with
yogurt dressing.
DINNER :Salad bowl, Meat balls fortified with powdered milk, and wheat germ, Short cooked fresh turnips, Shredded short cooked beets, Very short cooked Polk salad, natural brown rice, Yogurt with fresh or frozen raspberries. One cup/glass of vegetable juice.
BREAKFAST:One-half grapefruit,a bowl of cooked wheat cereal cooked five minutes, and served with goat's milk, and honey. Fresh yogurt, and vitamin/mineral Ritual
LUNCH :Cream of asparagus tips with fresh, and powdered milk, and broiled hamburger with rye bread, and fresh yogurt.
DINNER : Tomato and avocado salad, fresh roast chicken, with red potatoes,short cooked fresh broccoli, fresh fruit or honeyed fruit, glass of goats milk.Glass or cup of vegetable juice.
BREAKFAST: Sliced fresh orange,Boiled egg cooked until yolk is well jellied,Whole wheat toast with honey,piece of beef bacon, glass of goats milk and fresh yogurt.Daily vitamin/mineral Ritual
LUNCH:Cream of homemade potato soup,cheese souffle,creamed spinach,Sliced pineapple,glass of goats milk, fresh yogurt,Fresh carrots.
DINNER : Homemade clam chowder with fresh powdered milk, Broiled lean fish, red potatoes, Zucchini short cooked squash, fresh short cooked spinach.Fresh fruit and yogurt with 2 calcium tablets.
BREAKFAST:Cantaloupe sprinkled with wheat germ and honey, A bowl or cup of wheat germ cereal, Crisp,drained beef bacon,Glass of Goat's milk.
* note Brewer's yeast was also utilized in most meals. Daily vitamin/mineral Ritual
LUNCH:Cream of celery soup prepared in liquefier with celery tops,onion,fresh and powdered milk, Fresh baked fish sandwich with whole wheat toast and glass of goats milk.
Dinner : Gelatin salad with bananas and nuts,green salad, Meat loaf with parsley and wheat germ, Short cooked asparagus in olive oil(30 seconds),
Sauteed parsnips, and carrots,Apple pie made with unbleached flour,raw sugar, fresh butter and honey; This was the best made and tastiest Apple pie that I have ever tasted ,and I have been all over the world. Ask my brother !
BREAKFAST:Sliced peaches, Waffles fortified with wheat germ and served with honey but sometimes we used fresh maple syrup made in Vermont, Glass of goat's milk with Black strap molasses along with fresh yogurt.Daily vitamin/mineral Ritual
LUNCH:Chicken or Meat salad,Rye bread toast, yogurt or fruit,glass of goat's milk.
DINNER: Salad of shredded spinach blended into cottage cheese,served with sliced tomato on lettuce,Fresh salmon loaf fortified with wheat germ, and powdered brewer's yeast, Shredded short cooked carrots,short cooked brussel's sprouts, short cooked red Swiss Chard,glass of goats milk, fresh fruit, glass or cup of vegetable juice. At times during the football season we would consume a glass of goats milk, mixed with honey and molasses. Also fruit juices were consumed at all breakfast meals.
My mother made all of her breads, rolls, biscuits and all bake goods with unbleached flour,honey and all natural products and the first time I ate white bread was at the "Original Hot Dog Shop in the Larimer section of Pittsburgh which was known by some as "Little Italy ".
The Original Hot Dog Shop was our fast food restaurant ,and we went their about three or four times a year at best.
* Most of our vegetables we used were organic ,and we used fresh chickens from our Chicken Store, such as Pullets,Springer's, and Rhode Island Reds and the store was located on Wylie Ave or we purchased Chickens from a prime Kosher market in the Squirrel Hill ,section of Pittsburgh.
We also had plenty of fresh nuts,dates, figs,fresh coconut and coconut milk, fresh pineapple, rasins,prunes, collard greens,mustard greens,kale greens, turnip greens,rape, pok salad, fresh rhubarb, mint tea, sassafras tea, and fresh ice cream was made during the winter.


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