Tuesday, November 3, 2009


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Tuesday November 3, 2009
Fryeburg, Maine
All the voters in the great state of Maine should vote no against the Same Sex Marriage Referendum on the ballot. Hopefully the voters in Connecticut, Iowa , Massachusetts , New Hampshire , and Vermont will be given the opportunity in the very near future to also repeal their obscene Laws governing Same Sex Marriages and Civil Unions. Whenever voters are given the opportunity to vote on Same Sex Marriages they vote against these scandalous laws as they have done in California and Hawaii. The fact that the issue of Same Sex Marriage is even being promoted by various interest groups is further evidence of a morally bankrupt corrupt decadent society that is in dire need of spiritual rejuvenation and uplifting. There is absolutely nothing remotely normal for two people of the same sex to be involved in any kind of union masquerading as a family and teachers that teach that non-sense should lose their certification and licences to teach and those schools should be closed by the will of the people.
What were the main causes for the fall of the great Roman Empire ? And why are the American people trying to emulate the excessive materialism, self-indulgence, Epicurean ism and immorality of Rome and Greece. Indeed the American Empire appears to be the new Babylon and Rome rolled into one depraved society.

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