Thursday, April 1, 2010

Any Illegal Hispanic Immigrant who fills out the 2010 Census Form is either a fool or crazy.

Black Buzz News Service
Why, Arizona
April 1, 2010

Barack Obama and Senator John McCain have been meeting secretly for the past several of weeks in an effort to come up with a bona-fide plan that would send all Illegals Immigrants back to their country of origin.
It appears as though McCain joined forces with Obama to save his neck in his tough U.S. Senatorial battle in the state of Arizona. Most Arizonians remember how McCain, teamed up with the late Senator Teddy Kennedy, in attempting to push through an Amnesty Bill that would have provided a path-way to citizenship for the estimated 2 million illegals living in the state of Arizona..
McCain looked at the polls and found that illegal immigrants have seventy percent of the jobs of the eleven millions Americans out of work. The reason why so many Americans are out of work is because employer's have conspired to hire the illegals who come much cheaper.
McCain and Obama also discovered that the U.S. is spending close to 2.5 Billion dollars a year for free medical services to Illegals and that McCain is silently supporting the new Health Care Reform Act of 2010...

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