Friday, April 9, 2010


Washington D.C.
April, 9, 2010

Washington, D.C. Conniving Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, announced that Israel would not be attending Barack Obama's International nuclear weapons conference in Washington next week.
The rogue state of Israel has refused to sign the International Non- Proliferation Treaty, and the question remains why haven't the Israelis signed said ? Israel won't come clean on it's nuclear weapons program, because if they signed those treaties they would have to let all the inspectors into those facilities at Dimona and in the Negev.
The arrogant belligerent Israelis have Obama by the tail, and he doesn't seem to know how to pivot away from his AI PAC supporters here in the U.S.,while demanding that Israel come totally clean on all its WMD's, and Nukes.
Since Israel won't come clean on its nuclear arsenal, I wouldn't give them one cent in Chinese money in U.S. aid.
The Israelis think they are too good to sign any accords that would expose their gross lies about their nuclear arsenals.
If we are counting on Obama, to penalize the Israelis for their intransigence and outright defiance of the U. S., we will be waiting for " Hell to freeze over. "
How come the so-called double talking Israeli Middle East Peace activists, and their American counter-parts never discuss let alone challenge the Israeli monopoly on nuclear weapons in the region ?
And what about the blatant double standard which sees the U.S., and Europe on one hand condemning Iran, and Syria for developing weapons of mass destruction and Nukes, while simultaneously protecting and enabling the principal culprit Israel.
Why isn't the impotent U.N. demanding that Israel come clean on its nuclear arsenal ? And why aren't the Arab states along with other Muslims nations demanding accountability of Israel on its WMD's and Nuclear Weapons ? When will the Israelis permit inspection of its ground level and below ground nuclear sites at Dimona by the IAEA ?
Any Arab or Muslim state in the Middle East would be rather naive, and foolish not to develop their own nuclear weapons programs ASAP with Israel sitting back their licking their chops with between 200, and 500 Thermo-Nuclear Weapons all with sophisticated delivery systems aimed at all those Muslim states and Russia.
It is in the best interest of Israel, and the U.S. that the Muslim states in the Middle East not get involved in a arms race. But how much longer will those Muslim states remains pawns, and dupes to two of the most hypocritical states in World that have tons of horrible WMD's Israel, and the USA.?
The cost to the American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
$3 Trillion.") Read and review the Washington Report dated June 2003 article by Thomas R. Stauffer.
We must always remember that we invaded Iraq solely for the benefit of Israel, and our own greedy Military-Industrial-Complex. Thus by toppling Saddam Hussein, we removed an old Israeli nemesis. Saddam didn't have any semblance of a bona-fide WMD weapons program, and the Israelis, the U.S. and E.U. members knew Saddam was no threat to anyone other than to himself, and his own citizens. Further we lied and used fake intelligence to accomplish our niggardly"Mission Accomplished " . Total cost to date of our fiasco into Iraq $ 2 Trillion dollars.
* Its been only a miracle that the U.S., and other fellow traveler nations have avoided a severe economic depression for our misguided adventures into Iraq, and Afghanistan.
How many more American soldiers must die for the duplicitous Israelis, and the deceitful U.S. government ?

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