Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Boys From Butler Should Give The Trophy To Duke Now! The ACC was the best basketball conference from top to bottom in NCAA Division 1-A

Black Buzz Sports News
French Lick, Indiana
April 4, 2010

The boys from Butler should just give the trophy to the Duke. Butler doesn't have a chance of winning, and they don't deserve to be on the same court as the Dukie's. Yes, the brackets were arranged so that Duke would get to final dance but they still had to beat those weaker opponents away from their home of Durham, North Carolina.
Duke has more talent, a Hall-Of Fame coach and a bench that's as deep as the deep blue sea. Duke has the best back court in the country in Nolan Smith and Jon Scheyer. And how can Butler shut down the three S's kids in Scheyer, Singler, and their best ballplayer Nolan Smith ?
From the past to the present the ACC has been the best basketball conference in the Country. If you take UCLA and Kentucky out of the equation what conference in the modern day era has the most NCCA titles in Men's basketball ? When is the last time that overrated Big East Conference won a Men's National title in basketball ?
When was the last time a team from the Horizon League won a National title in Men's basketball ?
North Carolina will be back next year and don't count out coach K, NC. State, Florida State, Wake Forest, Clemson, Miami, or Virginia.
U. Conn. says wait to next year, but how long must we wait for the Big East to win a National title in basketball ?
The odds makers in Vegas say that Obama will get through a Immigration Reform Bill before the Big East wins a National title in Men's basketball or football.

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