Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Kyle Singler The Second Coming Of Larry Bird ? Singler maybe quicker than Bird ! Duke Beats a tenacious Butler team 61-59.

Black Buzz Sports News
French Lick, Indiana
April 6, 2010

Indianapolis Indiana...... Duke beat a tenacious tough as nails Butler team 61, 59 as the Duke defense stymied the boys from Butler during their second half run. Butler held Scheyer, and Nolan Smith in check in the second half, but Klye Singler stoled the show as he worked his behind off to get in great positions to score; and Singler's key blocks prevented Butler from seizing the time and moment.
Butler played the best defense against Nolan Smith of any team all season, and at times Nolan looked a little frustrated.
I was wrong about the boys from Butler, they do belong on the same court as Duke, and what a game. The Butler team has nothing to be ashamed of for they were also winners.
Singler maybe quicker than the all world Larry Bird, and he made a believer out of me. If Singler works extremely hard on offense and defense he may become a great one. And I like his work ethic, which reminds me of Larry Bird. It appears as though Singler moves better without the ball than Bird did at this stage of his development, and he is quicker than Bird.
If Singler puts in the needed time and works his tail off he maybe placed in an elite class.
Whenever I have the opportunity of talking to young people I aways tell them that the All World, UCLA ballplayer Marcus Johnson was more gifted and skillful than Larry Bird, but Bird worked harder in every phase of the game to become arguably the best player of all time. Marcus could jump higher than bird, he was faster than Bird, and Marcus had a picture perfect excellent jump shot. Marcus Johnson was also a very good passer, but Bird was a great passer. Marcus was a very good rebounder, but Bird was a great position rebound er. When the Boston Celtics practices were over in the Boston Garden, one could always find Bird alone in the gym shooting an additional 500 foul shots and 300 hundred jump shots.
Does Klye Singler have what it takes to become another Larry Bird, or do players like Bird & Jordan come once in a lifetime ?
Butler should make a deep run into the NCAA Tournament next year with Hayward and Mack leading the way. And Duke could make it to final dance in 2011 against North Carolina, Michigan State, Syracuse, or Georgetown.
Don't sleep the Texas Longhorns next year !

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tsaunders said...

No, but he has a good all around game, and he say's he not coming out early....