Friday, April 9, 2010

The West Virginia Coal Mine Disaster Is the Worst Since 1984: President Obama Needs To Travel To Montcoal & Whitesville WV. to Offer His Condolences.

Black Buzz News Service
Montcoal, West Virginia
April 9, 2010

Montcoal WV.... One would think that the President of the United States, Barack Obama would have traveled to Mountain State of West Virginia, to offer his personal condolences to all the grieving families who have lost their love ones in the worst mining disaster since 1984.
I find it quite interesting that Obama could travel to the Czech Republic (Prague), to sign a bogus deal with Russia, but he couldn't find the time to travel to West Virginia to meet with the grieving families.
All jokes aside, West Virginia is in the United States of America, but should they be treated as second class citizens just because they didn't vote for the vacuous opportunist Barack Obama for President ?
All the scab mines in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia should be closed until they can assure the the workers who perform the mining jobs in those killer mines that those mines are safe.
Why wasn't the Federal Mine Safety & Health Administration been doing there jobs by investigating these killer mines for compliance of all the rules and regulations governing the mine or mines in question? How many violations of the various regulations and laws must it take for the Federal Mine Safety Administration to do there job effectively ? Who is responsible for giving Massey a free pass to run roughshod over the health and safety of the workers in the Upper Branch Mine ? What about prevention ? What About prevention ? Why aren't the elected Representatives of the area encompassing Montcoal, more active in introducing tough legislation in the Congress to avoid and prevent such disasters from occurring ? Who is paying lip service to the cause of mine safety ?
The owners who permitted these intolerable working conditions in said mine, should be locked up for life, if found guilty of criminal misconduct and negligence.
The grieving families must explore legal challenges against Massey Energy Company, of Richmond Virginia, for criminal culpability.. Maybe Massey can be sued into compliance or perhaps they can be pressured into selling their Multi- Billion dollar business to a worker friendly owner or owners.
The United Mine Workers Union, must be relentless in their efforts to unionize those killer scab mines in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

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