Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rev. Al, Quit Your B.S. Over Arizona's New Immigration Law: Blacks Have Been Racially Profiled Since 1619

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
April 29, 2010
( BBNS )

How much is the Obama administration paying the Reverend Al Sharpton for being the administration's attack dog against Arizona's poorly crafted immigration law?
Rev. Al has been pimping the Black community for the last twenty five years, and it definitely appears as though Sharpton has been co-opted by the Obama Administration solely because of their lack of a legitimate bona-fide Black Agenda for the working poor and/or middle class.
Black people have been subjected to being racially profiled since 1619, and that standard practice has been commonplace throughout the present USA.
Why do you think so many Black folks crossed over the color line and passed for White in the U.S.? Millions of Black people passed for white to escape from the horrors of brutal persistent white terrorism and systemic racism which came with relentless racial profiling. It must also be said that many other Blacks that could have passed for white chose to remain as Black, and fight the overt callous racism.

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