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The College Football Fan Poll
October 20, 2009

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Southern Cal
5. Cincinnati
6. LSU
7. TCU
8. Boise State
9. Iowa
10. Miami
11. Georgia Tech
12. Penn State
13. Oklahoma State
14. Virginia Tech
15. Oregon
16. Houston
17. BYU
18. Utah
19. Kansas
20. South Carolina
21. Pitt
22. Texas Tech
23. West Virginia
24. Mississippi
25. Oklahoma

Ohio State gets beaten by the Boilermakers 26-18.

West Lafayette, Ind. Why does Purdue beating Ohio State have to be an upset? Indeed the boys from Columbus have the best talent in the Big Ten but the problem with the Buckeyes is a total lack of consistency with Terrell Pryor and no semblance of a ground attack. In the case of Terrell Pryor, it appears as though all the schoolboy hype about him was not real.
Pryor played Class AA ball in Western PA against inferior competition and he basically got by on his pure athletic ability and, how many players that Pryor played against dot the rosters of the top twenty five teams in my Fan Poll? None. I am still baffled as to why Mr. Pryor chose Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio? If Pryor were desirous of getting to the next level, why did he choose OSU in the first place? Learning the fine art of playing college football QB at the football factory’s Division 1-A Schools is a hear-round endeavor/job and in my opinion Ohio State is not the place to learn how to get to the next level (Pro-Football). Today’s group of college players don’t understand that playing Quarterback is a 365 day affair with all the top teams in the upper crust of Division 1-A. Many of these players want something handed to them and they don’t have the discipline to put in the necessary time and work and that’s the main reason they fail.

Pryor runs the ball passively like he’s scarred to death and he throws as if he’s playing tiddlywinks with no zip or accuracy. He also appears too slow in his movement dropping back into the pocket and he only has below average speed when taking off running. He doesn’t understand how to go through his progressions and his footwork is atrocious.

I talked to Terrell’s mother before he chose Ohio State and she informed me that he had no desire to go to Penn State because he viewed State College as a country hick town and he didn’t like the climate (racial) in the town of State College, PA. That’s the real deal.

Also note, contrary to the false malicious lies being spread about Mr. Pryor’s alleged uncle being the reason he didn’t choose Penn State—Mr. Pryor never had an uncle that played for Joe Paterno at Penn State and intelligent people should be cognizant and aware of what they hear on the Port Authority Bus in most cases is inaccurate information. I wish these folks riding those Port Authority buses would check out and verify their information before spreading lies and untruths about the Pryors or anyone for that matter.

In order for Pryor to be successful at Ohio State, he must do the following:

1. Study harder than anyone who ever played that position at OSU.
2. Work harder in the weight room than anyone before him who ever played that position at OSU.
3. Get a speed coach so that he can become the fastest and quickest man ever to play QB at OSU.
4. Go on the Barry Sanders diet. Barry went from being a four speed back to a legitimate bona-fide five speed with improved dieting. This occurred after his seventh season in the N.F.L. You can’t get to the next level solely on Big Macs and on junk food.
5. Review the old tapes of Roger Staubach on leadership and development.
6. Demand that OSU coaches give him more work than other QB’s that ever played the game at OSU.
7. Practice every time as if it’s the biggest game of his life. How you practice is how you play in the game. What you do in practice, shows up in the game.
8. Never dog it in practice and always go all out in practice. You have to want to be the best and you can’t get to being the best by osmosis or because you play for one of the winningest historic programs in the country, The Ohio State Buckeyes.
9. In consultation with the coaching staff, set measurable realistic weekly, monthly and annual goals that must be achieved for each game.
10. Always do fifty times more than what is required.

You have to love the game and play it with a passion. I loved to swim. That’s why I got up at 4:00 a.m. to win a Championship with Herron Hill Jr. High School. I loved to run track and that’s why I ran twice as many wind sprints and laps in training and set a new State record in the State of Maine in the 100 yard dash while running for Fryeburg Academy located in Fryeburg, Maine. I walked and bicycled six miles a day (one way) to play basketball for Slippery Rock Area Joint High School and I was a decent hoopster. I had a developmental tryout with the Pittsburgh Pirates at the old Pullman Park in Butler, PA. in 1958 at the age of 15. Even though I did not make that tryout, I felt that my skills were far better than the people who made the tryouts and were therefore sent to the Pirates’ Class D Farm team. Butler, PA used to be a Farm team of the New York Yankees. Hall of Famer Whitey Ford once pitched for the Farm team in Butler. Also note that I was the only one in the history of Herron Hill Jr. High School who played two varsity sports at the same time. I ran track and played on the softball team. See my blog entry for March, 2009 at I played halfback on the Kirch-Gons (Germany) Brigade team which was part of the Third Armored Division headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany even though I was penalized by the Army for my political beliefs and therefore was given extra duties by being sent to remote duty stations to care for troops at missile silos. The Army knew that I loved to play the game of football,

When I played pin pong at the Shuman Juvenile Detention, I beat all of my opponents with my right or left hand. But I never played Mark Taylor who was also an exceptional ping pong player and I believe we would have had a great match. Mark was a very good three sport athlete at Taylor Allderdice. Mark’s father, Calvin Taylor was also a very outstanding basketball player at Schenley High School in the late 1950’s. Calvin Taylor also lived in my proud neighborhood on the Hill.
Calvin maintains that one of my best childhood friends, the late Barry Nixon, was the best all around athlete to come off the Hill. However, I beg to differ because the Hill District had thousands of great athletes which are too numerous to name.

Has anyone ever heard of the following names?

a. Larry Brown-RB, Schenley High School Football, Washington Redskins, Senior Vice-President, Washington Redskins.
b. Francis Peay-Schenley High School Football, First African American Head
Football Coach at Northwestern University.
c. Maurice Lucas-Schenley High School Basketball (State Title), Marquette
University, NBA Champs-Portland Trailblazers, 1977.
d. Henry Model T. Ford-QB, Schenley High School Football, University of
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Steelers.
d1. Jesse Peters,Schenley High School Class of 1959,Football,Track-Football ,Track, Southern Illinois, Public Relations Department,Kansas City Chiefs, School of Journalism,Southern University, School of Journalism Grambling University. Vineyard Owner in Argentina;
e. Norgie Anderson-Schenley High School Football.
f. The Late Jeep Kelly-Schenley High School Basketball, UNLV, N.C. State.
g. The Late Nathan Sonny Lewis-Schenley High School Basketball, University of Pittsburgh, Point Park College.
h. The Late Teddy Woods-Fifth Avenue High School Track & Football, University
of Colorado All Big Eight Half Back in 1961 when his Buffaloes were 9-1 and captured the Big Eight Title. A world class track man and alternate in the 400 meters on the 1960 Olympic Team. Teddy was a legitimate 9.5 100 yard dash man. Teddy had a very good career in the CFL with the Calgary Stampeders where he played with another Colorado Buffaloe from Carnegie, PA, Ed Coleman. Teddy is what I call a Six-Speed Back. Teddy was a CEO/attorney for a top corporation in New York until his death.
i. Cleveland Edwards-Fifth Avenue High School Basketball/Football, Junior College All American at Robert Morris Junior College, Point Guard for the University of Pittsburgh. He was the key person who recruited Sam Clancy and other talented players from the Hill for the University of Pittsburgh---such players as Wayne Williams and the late Nathan Sonny Lewis.
j. Fleming Flippy Reynolds-Fifth Avenue High School Basketball, Bowling Green University.
k. Bobby Byrd-Fifth Avenue High School Basketball.
l. Jeffrey Junkhead Burton-Fifth Avenue High School Basketball.
m. David Penn-Fifth Avenue High School Football, Retired PA State Police Sergeant.
n. Stan Mahan-Fifth Avenue High School Basketball.
o. Donald Blue-Fifth Avenue High School Football.
p. Kenny Durette-Schenley High School Basketball, Philadelphia 76er’s.
q. Diane Fountain-Swimmer, Ammon Recreation Center.
r. Morris Fountain-Schenley High School Swimmer, Herron Hill Junior High School Swimming Champ, 1957.
s. Otis Johnson-Swimmer/Diver, Ammon Recreation Center.
t. Ronald (Head) Curry-Herron Hill Junior High Swim Champs, 1957, Schenley High School, University of Pittsburgh.
u. Danny Tabb- Swimmer/Body Builder, Herron Hill Junior High Swim Champs, 1957.
v. James S. Robinson, Jr.-Schenley High School Track & Field, Gymnastics, Track Scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh in 1929-30 , Judo Master/Judo Examiner, my Father.
w. Charlie Burley-Boxer, The Great Sugar Ray Robinson avoided Charlie like he had a plague.
x. Uzell Finney-Boxer, Owner of Finney’s Barbershop on Wylie Avenue.
y. George Serro, Fifth Avenue High School Basketball.
z. Nate Clark, in 1962, was the first African American in the United States to place in the NCAA finals in swimming in the 200 meter butterfly (fifth place) while swimming for the Ohio State Buckeyes. In 1960, Nate was the first African American to receive a full scholarship in swimming to a major college (Ohio State). Nate made All American at Ohio State in 1961, 1962 and 1963 in the 100 and 200 meter butterfly and he was All Big Ten for four straight years. At the time that Nate received his scholarship to Ohio State University, Ohio State was the premier swimming school in the country. In high school, Nate broke the National Scholastic Record in the 100 meter Butterfly. Nate is a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Nate lived on Breckenridge Street in the Hill District. Nate’s father was Frank Clark who was a fire captain whose station was on Webster Avenue in the Hill District.
I beat Nate in the 25 yard Freestyle at the Pittsburgh YMCA Championship in 1956 at the Allegheny YMCA on the Northside. I still have my Blue Ribbon. This was the last time I beat Nate for my swimming career came to an abrupt halt. See my blog posting for March, 2009:

• Bobby Del-Greco and Tony Bartirome-Pittsburgh Pirates were both born and raised in the Hill District.
• Big Mike McCombs-Fifth Avenue High School Basketball
• Don Eagle Robinson-Fifth Avenue High School Football, All City Football.
All of the previously named individuals from Larry Brown to Don Eagle Robinson were born and raised in the Hill District and this is just scratching the surface of all the great talent that came from the Hill District.

Hey Black Buzz, we thought this was supposed to be about Terrell Pryor?

11. Run the ball with passion, intensity and love the contact of hitting someone as if you want to punish him so that he knows who Terrell Pryor is. Watch how Jerome Bettis ran the ball or Earl Campbell or the great Redskin Hall-of-Famer, John Riggins; they all ran with passion and feeling. I would always tell my most prized pupil, Sam the Bam Clancy, whom I started off playing defensive end and tight end on my Kay Boy’s Club Football team, located at 1908 Wylie Avenue in the Hill District that you have to love contact and you always play the game as if this is your last game. And when the game is over, they will say: ‘man, I played against Sam Clancy and that was the roughest and toughest game of my life playing against Bam’. Sammy is now employed by the University of Pittsburgh as the Varsity Letter Club Coordinator.
Football is organized team violence and if you don’t enjoy the thrill of hurting someone, don’t play football. Pittsburgh legendary high school football team (Westinghouse) always beat Fifth Avenue High in football. But the Westinghouse players knew that when they played against Fifth’s Leroy Dillard that Mr. Dillard was the man of the hour because Dill gave them a beating they would never forget.
Today’s modern day game has become so sissified that it’s difficult to watch. Why don’t we just put a skirt on players such as crybaby Tom Brady and others of the same ilk as the people who made up all of these one-sided sissy rules to protect the quarterback. There is no head slap, no bump and run and the only maneuver today’s linemen employ is holding.
Why don't we just did give an offensive linemen of the week award for holding at all levels of play.What ever happen to the fine art of blocking ?

Finally, Mr. Pryor, what about your attitude? I will take Hines Ward any day of the week over any receiver in the N.F. L. because of ATTITUDE. Mr. Randy Moss may have more talent, but I will take attitude over talent any day of the week. The players always know that Hines Ward comes to play football,and he has their back and he is not worried about stats or whether he gets fifty passes a game, etc. When have you ever heard Hines Ward say: “I play when I want to play”?

Just a few comments from an old Midget League Ball Coach.


Black Buzz said...

Sybil Smith was the first Black female swimmer to score in NCAA final while swimming for Boston University in the 100 yard backstroke in 1988.
SOrry Boss Hogg Limbaugh we do know how to swim and we are probably the best swimmers. Now how's grab all you bigots out there ?

Black Buzz said...

Retired Schenley High School(PITTSBURGH) Football and Track coach Fred Raymond Lucas,coached a lot of those ball players and track men& women from the Hill District. I played varsity basketball and ran track with coach Lucas at Slippery Rock Area Joint High School in Slippery Rock Pa. Ask Ray how many times did he ride home when was I was walking those six miles home ?
Fred lived in Portersville and I lived in Slippery and Cherry TWP. which are in opposite directions.
Coach Lucas had an outstanding Track career at Slippery Rock Univeristy and he is worthy of induction into the Slippery Rock Hall-Of Fame. Fred is also good friends with Rugters coach C. Vivian Stringer who is also a Slippery Rock grad and she was inducted into National Basketball Hall-of Fame this past summer in Springfield Massachusetts along with MJ and David Robinson.

Black Buzz said...

Correction : Ask coach Lucas how many times did he ride me home from basketball and track practice ? Coach Lucas had the wheels a 1949 Mercury and it ran like a 1929 Model T. Ford. I walked four miles and rode my rode my Roadmaster bike another two miles after each practice in order to get home. That was dedication. See my blog posting for March 2009- Black Buzz's Track Career at

Black Buzz said...

David Puffy Kennedy, State basketball title with Fifth Ave. High School in 1975. Members of that team were as follows :Sammy (Bam) Clancy, Big Bill Clark, the late Warner Macklin, Regee Witner,Donald dead eye Trent, and others; if there is one player that played basketball like me(Coach Saunders) it was Edwin Peoples;Peoples was everywhere around the basket getting rebounds and causing havoc, and getting all the junk that Sammy and Big Bill didn't get. Many unbias experts say that Fifth Ave high team of 1975 was the best team EVER in the State of Penn. That Ambridge team that's get's all the glory and hype would have been blown out by Sammy's 1975 Fifth Avenue team. And what about all of those great Schenley High School State Title teams ? I believe all of those Schenley State title teams would have beaten any squad from Ambridge Pa.
And what about that Midland team that featured Norm Van Lier and Simmy Hill,and a guy that I coached big George Green. That Ambridge team should not be in the top five for the best teams in the State. The boys from the Lower,Middle,and Upper Hill would have taken care of business against those hicks from Ambridge Pa.
We NEED A TRUE HILL DISTRICT SPORTS-HAll-OF-Fame. To many of our fine athletes and teams get over looked by that WESTERN PA.SPORTS HALL-of Fame. Are you game ?

Black Buzz said...

Hey Black Buzz Fifth Ave won the state title in 1976 not 1975. Guess who won the state title in 1975 ? You ever hear of Wayne Williams or Nathan Sonny Lewis ?

Unknown said...

Thank you for setting the record straight. Schenley Spartans of 1975 was an awesome team.

Robbin Davis said...

Thank you for setting the record straight. Schenley Spartans of 1975 was an awesome team.