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President Obama Lobbyied For The Mississippi Of The North (Chicago) For The 2016 Olympic Games-

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October 28,2009

An agreement could be reached before week's end between Washington University students and an a racist Illinois nightclub that barred six African American students while admitting nearly 200 of their white classmates.

Fernanado Cutz,senior class president at the prestigious University,said the aggrieved students have been in contact with lawyers representing Original Mother's a bar in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood.

Blogger Black buzz says "It seems to me that the only sane resolution is to sue the hell out the bigoted owner of the nightclub and hope and pray that they get a Judge who understands totally the Public Accommodation's Section of the City Code or Act that bars this type of discrimination and the Illinois Human Relations Act." The two sides expect a resolution to their dispute as early as Wednesday, Cutz said. He did not,however say what the students were demanding or why he was optimistic that a deal could be struck. Blogger Black buzz said damn any deceitful apology, these students need to get paid for the racist actions of subject bar owner and said employees.

The students complained to state and federal agencies after six African American members from their senior class trip celebration were denied admission to the club on October 17,2009."Blogger Black buzz says many of the complaints filed with the various City, and State Human Rights Enforcement Agencies throughout the USA are swept under the rug and many are lost in what I described as bureaucratic inertia.

Bar personnel cited dress code violations--specifically baggy pants--in barring the African American students,Cutz said.

Calls to the nightclub by CNN were not immediately returned. The bar in question told the Chicago Tribune newspaper that it was investigating.

Blogger Black buzz further states I guess they were investigating how to cover up their blatant racism.

The celebration at Originals Mother's was to top off a two day senior trip to Chicago,Cutz said.Blogger Black buzz states " Why did these naive students pick the crime ridden corrupt City of Chicago in the first place to visit ?" Blogger Black Buzz said the students would have been better off visiting Possum Trot Mississippi. The party had been arranged with the bar in advance by the student class board,which includes two of the African American students who were later denied entry, Cutz said

He said he was already inside the bar with some 200 other students,none of whom are African American ,when the first group of African American classmates arrived. Cutz said he quickly learned that the manager of the bar had denied the six students entry,and he said the manager told the students their baggy pants violated the bar's dress code.

Cutz,who is white,said he confronted the manager. "The six students were better were better dressed than I was,"Cutz told CNN.

He told the students "to go back to the hotel and change. " But the manager of the bar stepped in to say that he had made his decision and that the six men could not return to the bar even if they changed clothes, Cutz said.

The students became "more agitated" and "set up an experiment, " Cutz said." Blogger Black buzz said they set up a salt and pepper test which is traditionally used by Enforcement Agencies and Fair Housing Organizations in an effort to esablish prima-facie discrimination, and this type of testing can also be used in Public Accommodation's and Employment testing."

Class Treasurer Regis Murayi,who is Black,exchanged jeans with a white student, Jordan Roberts,who--being 3 inches shorter than Murayi--looked "substantially baggy. "
Roberts approached the same manager who had turned away the African American students,paid the entry fee and was allowed in, Cutz said.

Blogger Black Buzz states during the height of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement Chicago was referred to as the Mississippi of the North by various key people in the Civil Rights Movement and Black Liberation struggle. Even the peace warrior for justice, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who temporarily lived on Chicago's South Side stated that the racial hatred in Chicago was more deep seeded than in any part of Alabama or Mississippi and not very much has changed in that racist scandalous crime ridden corrupt city.
Blogger Black buzz says the vast majority of young people don't understand what actions constitute racial discrimination and they seem to be totally living in a fog about the persistent individual and systemic racism that is present throughout the good old USA. And their parents haven't done an adequate job of explaining or teaching about the realities of race in a racist society in the context of this on going struggle since 1619. Most Black and White parents simply avoid talking about the subject of racial discrimination/race and they hope that disease of white racism will melt away by forces such as osmosis or diffusion.Furthermore most White & Black parents religiously adjust to the racism and discrimination like cowards and thus they do a disservice to their offspring's and cheat them out of being prepared to deal with racism 101 American style. The noted Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. Franklin Pierce stated in 1972 that Black Americans have to deal with the Micro-Aggressions of White Americans 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year and that in America you are reminded every day that you are Black by White America. The incident that happened in Chicago is not isolated and their are at least thousands of similar incidents that happen to people of color on a daily basis. Look at the racist behavior of the COSTCO chain who insist on selling a Black doll named "Monkey ". The foremost Anthropologists in the world have stated many times over that the Ape has twice as many Caucasian features as the African Negro such as thin lips, extreme body hair and skin color.
Our young people must understand that the Civil Rights Movement needs to be reinvigorated with new blood in all those Civil Rights Organizations who have permitted themselves to fall unto political hard times coupled with Machiavellian decay.

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Black Buzz said...

Hey Homer, did they call out the National Guard to patrol all those mean streets in Chicago ?
Jethro,that Governor is acting just like President Obama and how long does he think it will take before all hell breaks loose in Afghanistan I mean Chicago ?
Homer,maybe President Barack and that the Governor of Illinois are waiting for 2010 Mid-Term elections? Both of those varmints don't seem to be able to make of their minds in a timely fashion.
Well you know Homer its only those little old Darkies killing each other in Chicago. Jethro, Uncle Sam should just bomb the hell out of those cave dwellers in Afghland and bring all of our boys home with honor.