Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Georgia Bulldogs Blow Another Close Game

Sunday October 2, 2009

Athens Georiga. The L.S.U. Tigers beat the inconsistent Dawgs 21-13.
The Georgia Bulldogs lose another close game to the tough L.S. U. Tigers who hadn't won in Athens since 1987. Coach Richt/Staff need to teach and instruct their players in the fine art of tackling and football is still a game of running, blocking, and tackling. When you run, block and tackle well good things happened like winning football games, and when you superbly do all three in sequence you win football games consistently. L.S.U.'s Charles Scott ran through and around four Dawg defenders en route to a 33 yard touchdown run which sealed the deal for the boys from the Bayou. Exceptional tackling seems to be a lost art with today's crop of players and coaches.
Georgia has one of the most talented freshmen running backs in the country in Washaun Ealey and the Dawg coaching staff better find a way to use him more often. Ealey scored 57 touchdowns in 2007 playing against the top division in Georgia prep ball and what waste of talent to be sitting on the bench. All of the top schools in the Country were recruiting him (Ealey) such as Florida, LSU, Alabama , Auburn,Texas ,USC, Oklahoma,Virginia Tech,Georgia Tech, Old Miss, Miami, and with a name like Washaun he's got to be bad.

Chapel Hill North Carolina. Al Groh's Virginia Cavaliers rolled over the lethargic North Carolina Tar heels to go atop the Coastal Division of the ACC. This was a great victory for coach Groh's squad and maybe now UVA will be able to recruit some of the top tier one prep football players in the Commonwealth of Virginia. (WAHOO)

College Park Maryland..Coach Friedgen's Maryland Terps beat a stubborn but good Clemson team 24-21 and maybe now coach Friedgen will be out of the doghouse with all those folks out there in Turtle-land.
All the teams in the ACC better fear the Turtle- Go Terps

Miami Florida.It appears as though teams coached by Bob Stoops always lose the big games and the Sooners lost of 21-20 to an upstart Miami team maybe one of the biggest loses in the history of Oklahoma football.
For years the Oklahoma Sooners usually have one of the most talented group of athletes of any team in the country but the coach Stoops teams always find a way to choke up and loose the key games. I always thought that coach Stoops was vastly over-rated and over hyped by the media.
All the teams in the ACC better watch out for the Canes because they are on a mission and they are thoroughly battled tested and hopefully they will defeat the Hokies in the ACC title game rematch.

Blooming ton Indiana. The Ohio State Buckeyes roll over the sluggish Hoosiers 33-14. Terrell Pryor passed for three touchdown and rushed for another as the boys from Columbus defeated one of the historical doormats of the Big Ten Indiana. The Buckeyes will face far stiffer competition next week in the Wisconsin Badgers who struggled with the Gophers from Minnesota and this will really show the whole world how much progress Mr. Pryor has made in reading defenses and going through his progressions. I still feel the Man from Jeanette Pa (Pryor) needs vast mechanical work in his throwing motion and his foot work is atrocious. I always thought that Mr Pryor should have gone to a school that would have better prepared him for the position of N.F. L quarterback other than Ohio State.. Can anyone name me one Buckeye Quarterback that led his team to any type of N.F. L title ? Ohio State is not known for its Quarterbacks.


Black Buzz said...

Oh you want to tell me that Mike Tomcat or Tomczak was a great N.F.L. qb. Hell, Ditka just liked the kid because his name was Mike Hell Kordell Stew. should never have been in the N.F.L period he should have been out on someone's Lawn as a Lawn Jockey like Mike Steele (R) former Republican Lt. Governor of Maryland.

Black Buzz said...

Kordell Stew. should have been out on someone's Lawn as a bona-fide Lawn-Jockey. With a name like Kordell the only place for him would have been out on the Lawn.