Monday, October 12, 2009

Black Civilization Arose Independently And Blacks Discovered America

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Special Report
Monday October 12, 2009
Columbia Maryland..

( By James E. Alsbrook , Ph.D., is professor emeritus at Ohio University )

Three deliberately ignored but increasingly revealed and shocking facts are beginning to enhance the public image and race pride of Black Americans. These facts are :
1.Not only Black people but White people and other races world wide were slaves for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years.
2.Civilization emerged separately and independently in the Black African land of Nubia (also called Kush) an upper Nile region now called Sudan,about 2800 years before Christ and before Europeans became civilized.
3.Black African seafaring explorers and maybe Phoenicians landed on America in Mexico at least 1,100 years before the questioned arrivals of white explorers including Eric the Red,his son Leif Ericson,and the late arriving Christopher Columbus.
* New information like this shocks most Americans,because their school books and teachers have said or suggested through the years :
That Blacks were mentally limited slave types only,were incapable of rising to equality with other human and should be assigned to the status of "hewers of wood and drawers of water.
* That European,and ultimately American civilization came from the Greeks and Romans only.
* That Africa was "the Dark Continent," a vast area of wilderness and uncivilized Black people,until Europeans arrived to bring Christianity and learning" through " compassionate " colonialism.
* That African Black people were happy just to climb trees,eat the plentiful fruit and remain stagnant and passive.
When Dr. King was killed,the media invariably identified him as grandson of a slave." This same designation of humble origin was used in the case of Paul Robeson,Dr. Ralph Bunche,Marian Anderson and other successful Blacks.
White America's preoccupation with low status designation for outstanding Blacks is unseemly,because nearly all white Americans also have slave ancestry.
Whites were enslaved in Europe for at least 2,500 years. Records show their slavery began in Ancient Greece before Christ and continued in various forms throughout Europe,from then until about 100 years ago in Eastern Europe.
American school textbooks dwell on Black slavery but do not mention the continued enslavement of whites after Greece and Rome.
Recent information concerning Nubia has been found and supplied by scientists from the British Museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts ,the Chicago Oriental Institute,the University of Chicago and various scholars. Diggings from Oswan Dam site in 1963 reveal Nubian art objects,writings,tools, weapons, jewelry, and other remains of an independently evolving Black civilization.
Nubian's competed with Black Egyptians, married into Egyptian families and produced sphinxes, statues and other objects standing near the Nile today,with Black African faces of Nubia and in Egypt.
Nubian Royalty ruled Egypt for 91 years. (See N.Y. Times,2/11/92 ).
Earlier experts had combined Nubia with Egypt in this study of Egyptology,but recent findings indicate the separate orgins of Nubian civilization with branches of Egyptian and Nubian culture overlapping for several thousands of years. Anwar Sadat,late leader of Egypt was of mixed Egyptian and Nubian (Black African) ancestry.
Archaeologists report evidence shows Black Africans visited America between 1,000 B.C. and 300 A.D. and that proof in the group of huge basalt rocks carved with Black African faces are from six-to nine feet high and weigh from 10 to 40 tons each. They sit on the coast facing the Caribbean Sea,the Atlantic Ocean and then Africa. They are called Olmec because they are in Southeastern Mexico's Mayan territory,home of the Olmec Native-Americans.
Knowing these and related facts will Blacks a better image of themselves and awareness of the misconceptions deliberately created to perpetuate today's pro-white,anti Black American life and public opinion.

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