Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicago Loses Bid for 2016 Olympic Games

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Fri, October,2,2009
Tar Hill Number One(Republic Pa). Chicago was stunningly pummeled and eliminated in the first round of voting for the 2016 Olympics on Friday,with Rio de Janeiro and Madrid still in contention for the games.
I think the triple team blitzkrieg by the Obama's and Oprah did more harm to Chicago's bid for the 2016 games than any one single thing.
The IOC rightfully came to realization that Chicago was simply not safe enough to house the thousands of Olympic athletes and plus the fact the windy city and the state of Illinois has a myriad of woes including :
Governor after Governor going to jail, Pay to play schemes at the highest levels of Government, crumbling and outdated infrastructure, horrible deteriorating Public Housing, Failing dumb-down schools, Hospital cutbacks, Sanctuary City,widespread graft & corruption at all levels of government,Murder Capital of the U.S., and never ending gang wars.

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