Saturday, October 17, 2009

President Obama Take That $ 250.00 Dollars For Seniors And Shove It-How Dare You Insult Older Americans

Saturday October 17, 2009

POO POO HAWAII.. President Barack Hussein Obama take that $ 250.00 dollar (Bribe) that you are going to send to Seniors and shove it or give those funds to the Native American Relief Fund or set-up scholarship programs throughout the Urban centers in the USA where many suffer from depression levels of on-going systemic unemployment or you could provide substantial aid for scholarship assistance to the students in the heartland of Appalachia.
I can't even get a round trip plane ticket to Martha's Vineyard(Boston-Logan) for $250.00 dollars and you have the gall and audacity to think that measly $250.00 dollars will offset the lack of a cost of living increase for Social Security Recipients for the upcoming year.
Indeed the Obama factor will cause the Democrats to lose 30 to 45 House seats in 2010 and Obama will be in a quagmire in Afghanistan and the U.S. won't be able to withdraw from Iraq. But Obama's boys on Wall Street are happy the DOW is over ten thousand while Obama offers $250.00 dollars in effort to continue the massive duping of an ill-informed electorate and Obama has promised to give the insurance companies at least 17 to 30 million new customers. That's why the bankers on wall Street loved this President along with his incessantly greedy Corporate sponsors and the self serving folks who make up APAIC.
Obama gave billions to his corrupt banker friends on Wall Street and now many of those same banks and financial institutions are basically telling him to go take a hike so does that mean this little cozy love affair with the banks on Wall Street is coming to an end because they refused to donate their bail out cash to the Obama and the Democrats ? Obama is only pushing regulations on Wall Street because they basically told him they were not going to give as much money to the Democrats for the various Congressional campaigns in 2010. So Obama got suckered by his good old buddies on Wall Street and where is the crooked tax evader Tim Geithner hiding ? Under the woodpile !
You can take the corrupt politician out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out the corrupt politician.

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