Saturday, October 3, 2009

President Obama, Who Is the "Jackass" Now ?

Sat. October 3, 2009

"Well Homer, do you think that old Darkie in the White House will take an accelerated course from the Fuller Brush Graduate School in Salesmanship/Salesology 101 located near Great Bend Kansas"?
"Ah Shucks, Jethro. He don't seem to be able to sell nuthin to de American people like that healthcare mess. I hears some of his kinfolk work in that there Fuller Brush Plant in Great Bend".
"Hey Homer". "I hear you, Jethro". "Is Kansas is in Appalachia"?
"By golly I think Kansas is in Injun Territory. And I knew the minute we started giving those Darkies all those Civil Rights they would start acting uppity and thinking they was just like us ".
"Homer, my folks have not voted in one those President's election since one of those Roosevelt boys was in de White House but I is going to vote in I think the year is 2012. I think my Pa voted for FBR".
" Yeah! Sure Enough ".

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