Friday, October 9, 2009

Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow Should Not Play At LSU on Saturday the 11TH.

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Frog Suck, Wyoming.. Under no circumstances should the great Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow play at LSU on Saturday October the 11th.
Mr. Tebow's present and future health should be more important than winning a football game down in the Bayou(BATON ROUGE). I say wait another week regardless of whether Tebow has a medical clearance or not and he should have one full week of practice before trying to play a game of SEC football. All these big time coaches like Urban Meyer think about is winning football games at any one's expense, but Tebow's health and life could be at stake. You can't repair the brain once it is damaged . I say stay in Gainesvile Tim boy and sit back, and take your shoes off and sit a spell, and watch your Gators on the old bube tube

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