Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Steelers Still Struggle To Put Teams Away,As They Beat The Hapless Lions 28-20

Sunday October 11,2009
PITTSBURGH PA. The Steeler's beat the Detroit Lions 28-20 and they struggled with putting the Lions away. I have always have said that the play of the Steeler's defensive line for the last four years has been atrocious but they have won two Super Bowls with the stellar play from an outstanding line backing corp and a very good secondary which has been able to cover up the lack of production on the defensive line.
The present Steeler defensive line is not getting enough deep penetration and pressure on the quarterback and consequently when they loose a key ball player like the all world Troy Palamalu opposing teams are having a field day with the Steeler's secondary. Ideally coach Tomlin should have a six or five man rotation on the defensive line and the present lack of production of the starters on the defensive line is directly attributable to age, poor draft choices and inability to sign bona-fide free agents to fill that void. Its what up front that wins key ball games in December and January on both sides of the ball.
The Steelers need more speed, size and strength on the defensive line and presently the trio of Hampton, Smith and Keisel need to be let go after the conclusion of this season. I'm quite sure there are many quality free-agent defensive linemen that would be willing to come to the Burgh to play with Big Ben & Company, and the SEC is full of hard nose fast , big , strong and nasty defensive linemen Al La Reggie White types.

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