Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fed to Step Up Reviews of Compensation at Banks

October 22,2009
Moosehead Maine.. The Federal Reserve announced a plan on Thursday to eliminate pay packages that in the past have encouraged bankers to take the kinds of reckless risks that contributed to the housing bubble.
The Feds actions will only apply to the Banks that took Government bail out money. The Obama administration has been to slow in putting in place the necessary regulations that will control these obscene greedy Bankers on Wall Street.
President Obama gave those nasty bankers on Wall Street Billions of dollars in Federal bail out money but he couldn't find a measly Five million to give to a brother like Robert Lavelle founder/owner of(Dwelling House Savings and Loans) who's been a pillar in the Hill District community of Pittsburgh Pa for the last sixty five years in granting Home Loans ,Second Mortgage Loans, Home Improvement Loans, Education Loans and a whole host of other types of loans. Obama just didn't give a damn about a viable Black business in the Hill District of Pittsburgh Pa. shutting down, and those scandalous tramps down at PNC were probably part of the plot to let Bob Lavelle's business go under.

Change We Can Believe In .

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