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Isn't It Ironic that Doug Williams Led His Team to a Super Bowl Victory Founded By Proud Racist Founder/Owner, George Preston Marshall?

Wednesday October 14, 2009

Columbia, Maryland.. All Black Americans & Redskin faithful fans cheered and clapped for joy when Grambling's Doug Williams led the Redskins to a Super Bowl victory over the favored Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXII on January 31, 1988 at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California.
The Redskins' triumph over John Elway's Broncos with Doug Williams at the helm was approximately 19 years after the death of the infamous proud cantankerous racist owner/founder, George Preston Marshall, who did everything in his power to block and to avoid the integration of his team with Black ball players until 1961-62. This was only a very minor victory in the overall struggle for basic human and civil rights but it helped to lay the groundwork for affording other Black/Hispanic and Native Americans the opportunity to play the position of Quarterback in the National Football League.
If old George Preston Marshall knew that a Black quarterback from his beloved South, hailing from Zachary, Louisiana led his Skins to a Super Bowl victory over the tough Denver Broncos, he would be still twisting and turning in his grave.
Marshall only integrated the Redskins because of pressure from Morris Udall, Secretary of the Interior, the Kennedy Klan led by John, the President of the United States and by Robert, the Attorney General of the Untied States, the united civil rights community, and the Honorable Pete Rozell who was negotiating a lucrative TV contract in which all the N.F.L teams would share in the revenues.
In 1962, the vast majority of Redskins fans were White and biased against Blacks playing on the Skins. In fact, many of the White families who were vehemently opposed to having Blacks as their neighbors in D.C. fled in droves to the suburbs in Maryland and Virginia to avoid the impact of Brown vs The Board of Education (school desegregation). The Redskins also had the entire fan base of the old south, both lower and upper south all for themselves accept for the Baltimore Colts who had most of the fan base in Maryland in their favor and parts of Southern Pennsylvania and Delaware. Many of the present Redskins fans are the descendants of the Whites who fled for the suburbs back in the 1950's and 1960's and now the Skins have an improved Black fan base that makes up the Redskins nation.
I recall visiting my girl friend at the time named Alice Griffin a graduate of the famous Roosevelt High School in Washington D.C. and who was also a student at Central State University in Wilberforce Ohio in 1966 who lived at 923 Quincy Street NW and her father the Rev. Percy Griffin informed me that he could not give away any Redskin football tickets to any of the members of his congregation and I also declined his offer of free Redskins tickets. I had no desire to see Mr. Marshall's team with or without Illinois great Bobby Mitchell, who formerly played for my favorite team at the time the Cleveland Browns whom had been integrated since they started playing back in the Old All-American Conference in the forties. How could I go see a team owned by George Preston Marshall who's band played Dixie at half time and Mr. Marshall forced Bobby Mitchell to sing Dixie at a local Redskin function back in 1963. "You have to be crazy or a stone Uncle Tom with a slave-mentality to go along with that madness from Marshall. The year 1966 was four years after the legendary Illinois great Bobby Mitchell and Jack Nisby began playing for the Redskins who were the last team to integrate their roster with Black players in 1962 in the N.F. L.
It is my sincere belief that George Preston Marshall died as a bona-fide proud racist bigot and to continue to keep the highly insulting, inflammatory, degrading name Redskin helps to reinforce and perpetuate Mr. Marshall's legacy of racial insensitivity and white Supremacy. Marshall always stated that he would hire Negroes when the Harlem Globetrotters integrated their team with White players and most of the Redskin players in 1962 where from the South who resented playing with a Black player on their team. The famous Jimmy Brown also stated he gave an extra 200 percent when playing against Marshall's Skin.
Can you imagine all the fanfare a team called the Washington Whiteskins or Blackskins would create ? Our society/public would not never tolerate such idocy as a team called the Whiteskins or Blackskins and the entire Civil Rights/Human Rights Community would be united on getting rid of such a team name and how many sponsors do you think a team called the Washington Whiteskins or Blackskins would have in today's world of so-called political correctness?
The City of New York had a baseball team in New York called the New York Black Yankees made up of all Blacks from all over the African Diaspora because the New York all white Yankees al la Babe Ruth refused to let Blacks play on their team until 1955 with Elston Howard being the first African American to play for that historic franchise.
So why in 2009 do we still have a team called the Washington Redskins and why keep the racist legacy of George Preston Marshall alive ? And what about the disgraceful conduct of the ownership of the Cleveland Indians using that ugly smiling Buck tooth Indian on their informs, hats and other gear. Why should the Cleveland Indians use a "Buck tooth Indian " mascot on all their apparel and I hope the Cleveland Indians and all the Florida State Seminole athletic teams loose every time they play and compete until they cease and desist with their overt racially insensitive behavior.
I am very aware of the fact that some Uncle Tomahawks (Uncle Tom ) Native Americans wrongfully take false pride in being stereotyped and degraded and they have confused the name redskin with there warped misguided feelings of fake honor. But the vast majority of intelligent Native Americans find the name Redskin to be repugnant, degrading, derogatory, and sinister. Furthermore the team founded by George Preston Marshall in Boston Massachusetts in 1933 has totally exploited the offensive name Redskin solely for profit in which none of those revenues made by the Washington Redskin has gone to any Native Americans for Health Care, Education ( Scholarships) Employment Opportunities, New Home Development on Native American Reservations which are presently more reminiscent of concentration camps.
Everyone with a modicum of intelligence understands the systematic genocide that was committed by Europeans against all the indigenous tribes in the Americas with the massacre of their villages which included women, their babies, children, confiscation of their lands, fraudulent land deals, deceitful Treaties, wholesale Rape of indigenous women; coupled with the bastardization of their race, brutal destruction of the Buffalo and other animals which the Native tribes were dependent; European diseases from their cattle and livestock, poisonous Euro- plants, for which the Native tribes had no defense or immunity from all of these nefarious highly contagious diseases.
Many of the European descendants who are commonly called White Americans and who's ancestors participated in the this overt genocide of the Native American had the gall and audacity to name Cities, Towns, States, Lakes, Streams, Rivers, Creeks, Plants, Mountains, Valley's, after the proud trusting indigenous tribes is totally reprehensible and insulting. Thus the continuation of the use of the name Redskin by Mr. Snyder's football team in the Nation's capital is further evidence of the modern -day Cultural hijacking perpetrated against Native Americans.

A group of seven Native Americans have shown courage, and bravery in filing a lawsuit against the trademark name Redskin, and now that legal challenge to use of the name Redskin has reached the pro-business U.S. Supreme Court headed by John Roberts. The attorney's for the Native Americans filed an appeal to the dubious ruling by the U.S. Appeals Court in which they ruled that the claim filed by the Native Americans was not timely filed which provided the respondent (WASHINGTON REDSKINS) a convenient cover not to deal with the merits or facts in the case. The Native Americans plaintiff's are seeking to overturn a decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit which held that their claim for cancellation of Pro Football's Redskin trademark was barred under the doctrine of laches.

The case commended in 1992 when the brave plaintiff's filed a petition to cancel the U.S. registration for the trademark Redskins on the grounds that the term'redskins was disparaging towards members of their ethnic group. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office cancelled registration,ruling that the mark was disparaging and that the interests asserted were 'beyond personal interests", meaning that laches was inappropriate. On appeal,the good old district court and appellate courts disagreed with that finding. They concluded that the 25-year delay in bringing cancellation action after the mark was originally registered caused Pro Football prejudice and operated to bar the plaintiff's' claim under laches ( for further details please see "Eight-year delay bars claim that Redskins mark disparages Native Americans ")

In the claim for certiorari, the plaintiffs assert that the doctrine of laces does not apply, because the Lanham Act explicitly allows cancellations of trademarks "at any time." The brief cites a 2001 ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Marshak vs. Treadwell, In which the court concluded that trademark cancellation claims are not time-barred.

All of our Court systems always find a way out under the cloak of the legal nullification of our Federal and State laws when valid legitimate claims are filed by African Americans & Native Americans who are seeking their basic fundamental Constitutional Rights in the pursuit of Life, Liberty and freedom. These Federal and State Judges on all levels hide behind those Black Robes with their own bias's and prejudices and thus they make sure in their rulings that the status quo is upheld and maintained while relegating people of color to a secondary inferior position of marginalized citizenship. But the fight for equal justice under the law and full first class rights to citizenship will continue by African Americans & Native Americans until the United States of America lives up to its creed and makes those words so defined in its preamble become a living reality for America's first and second victims of individual & institutional racism.

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